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This is the first time, in a long time, I actually remember enjoying the main roster PPV more than the NXT PPV.

Big props to Finn Balor for helping Bray look great. You can tell that they at the very least really respect each other, and Finn was going all out to make The Fiend look terrifying. He could have downplayed it or tried to put on a stone face, but he reacted with shock and awe to really put The Fiend over extra. I also appreciate that commentary was silent during The Fiend's entrance. I liked the remix of Bray's theme, Head Lantern was great, liked the in ring match too, even though was short. Really hope WWE doesn't screw this up.

Velvet Dream vs Strong vs Dunne was my next highlight of the weekend/week, lots of neat spots and character work, felt sorry for Ember Moon and Bayley, because I think they put on a great match, but crowd weren't into it and I understand why, as the build up was meh. Knew Ziggler would get squashed by Goldberg, I don't like Goldberg, but I found Ziggler's post match antics all kinds of hilarious. I kind of wished Ziggler shoot insulted Goldberg and teased that if Regal was here, Goldberg would get his &$# whooped. Ziggler made Goldberg look great though, his selling is amazing. At least Goldberg's current last match is that awful Saudi match vs Taker.

Johnny Gargano vs Adam Cole. Baby. Was good, I enjoyed it, ditto Io and Candice. I've always liked Io, but am particular glad with her as Heel. Her theme, mannerisms, booking has been great so far. Was actually decently surprised with how much I liked Seth vs Lesnar. I wasn't expecting much, but yeah. Oh and I am feeling good things about the OC. At least more optimistic. Not sure why, they just seem more cohesive, and the fact they all have championships too helps, just seems like they have a lil bit more freedom to be themselves. Oh, also Becky and Natalya was good! I am glad that the Boss is back though.

Still have NJPW G1 Climax to go.

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@straight-fire: Lashley and Orton are ridiculously talented and incredible athletes. It’s just the potential they have if they were booked properly. I want Orton as a monster heel, keep that hyper intelligent and cruel mental game he used to play when he had that fantastic heel phase from 05-09 but make him dominating, have him squash people. I see him losing or being outdone by people he shouldnt be constantly.

Lashley could be a force of nature and one of the most dominant superstars, he could take Lesnar’s place as that legitimate beast but he isn’t being booked or afforded the proper opportunities.

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I love her. I'm ready for Asuka.

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Been watching old vids all night, Stone Cold and The Rock. Could run a promo like no one's business.

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Summer slam was awesome except for the bs finish to Orton vs Kingston. They could have had Orton get over confident and taunt Kingston's family causing him to lose and set up for a no DQ rematch.

Heck they could have used that loss to make Orton snap and have a genuinely terrifying heel once again.

My favorite match was Dream vs Strong vs Dunne, so much character and charisma in one match. I can't wait to see who dream will face next.

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8 teams announced for the new XFL; being a Tampa Bay Buccaneer, I think I like the Tampa Bay Vipers, as well; starts playing in February 2020, right around or after the Superbowl.