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Posted by superstay (12549 posts) 2 years, 3 months ago

Poll: Pixels (2015) vs. Ghostbusters (2016) (39 votes)

Pixels 44%
Ghostbusters 23%
Either/Neither 33%

So, I finally got around to watching both movies, and I noticed something. One, neither were as bad as I thought they'd be, with Ghostbusters not being as horrid as the hypd led it on to be, and Pixels not being as bad as Adam's past fails. But the second thing I saw was the fact that they both have some eerie similarities...not saying are clones of one another, or that one was copying the other. I just noticed a weird series of shared traits...

Both movies follow a enemy who wants to destroy the world by releasing army of heavily (CG) paranormal/supernatural entities onto our planet. A team of four comedically silly protagonist, who are the only ones who know/understand/are skilled in what's going on. No know believes them, or wants to believe them at first. But, they have to convince everyone, before the said enemies arrive in a large climactic battle where a giant horde of them are released from a portal in the sky, to wreak havoc on the city. The cities authorities can't handle the threat, and are comedically done away with, as the heroes fight off the horde with plasma weaponry, before face a large final boss. Also, both a made by Sony and are based off of highly loved properties of the 1980s.....

I'm sure I'm looking too deep into this, and most of the similarities may be average story tropes. But, it just seems so identical, lol...so, which do tou dudes like more and do you see the similarities?.....also, I don't know if this has been done before...


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Both are awful

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Both are bad.

The end.

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GB was frame bye frame what I thought I was, neither bad or good. And it pissed people off which is fun. Pixels was Adam sandler after he saw that Furtrama episode, then added Peter Dinklage/ Serena Williams/ Maratha Stewert threesomes and Josh Gad having babies with Qbert......so brain killing garbage

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I loved GB. Terrible by movie standards but if you want to laugh at fat people, empowered feminists and Melissa McCarthy's mistakes then I suggest you watch it.

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Honestly, I'm tempted to vote Pixels just to spite the new Ghostbusters.

After months of feminists like Franchesca Ramsey bash movie fans for their "sexism" and "misogny", all while ignoring the fact that the movie looked like garbage, I've wanted to bash the new Ghostbusters movie, which I haven't even seen, every chance I get. It's my way of sending all those trolls a middle finger.

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GB, Pixel was hot, hot garbage.

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GB was better than pixels.

Wasn't a cinematic masterpiece, but it was a good amount of fun.

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I enjoyed Ghostbusters, I can't say the same for Pixels.

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@bella_blackstar: Yo, that Martha/Serene thing was kind of smexy...

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@ukpkmkk said:

I loved GB. Terrible by movie standards but if you want to laugh at fat people, empowered feminists and Melissa McCarthy's mistakes then I suggest you watch it.

...after watching it a few more times, I would agree...it's kind of fun to watch, in a mesochristic, cringy, someone-stabbing-mi-in-mi-bum-while-I-eat-cookies type way.....


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Pixels. And I hated Pixels. But GB was such a lump of trash.

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I've only seen the extended version of Ghostbusters. I thought it was pretty decent and far better than Pixels.

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Ghostbusters was actually pretty enjoyable, haven't seen pixels.

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I thought both were entertaining. Pixels was funnier, and maybe had a better plot. Both had pretty looking CGI though.

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You could put spongebob against ghostbusters and I would vote for spongebob

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#17 Posted by deactivated-5be183e26f3e9 (1228 posts) - - Show Bio

Both are trash. But I'd pick Pixels over GB anyday.

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Both are trash. But I'd pick Pixels over GB anyday.

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Pixels at least was somewhat entertaining. GB was just painful.

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  • I,d say Ghostbusters by a wide margin...It wasnt a great film more along the lines of descent.....I found it to be very funny and certainly entertaining...I think my fondness for SNL skits is what really sold me since alot of the humor was very reminiscent of those same skits..Plus Melissa Mccarthy is always funny.
  • Pixels on the other hand was grade A garbage with a generic af story line, unfunny jokes and just further proof that Adam Sandler and his buddies are way past their prime...
  • And once again this goes to show why i should never go by reviews or what other people say..
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I thought both were okay.

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Both were bad and devoid of creativity, but Pixels was a coherent movie that followed a script, regardless of how bad it was. Ghost Busters was a schizophrenic Ghost Busters parody that was structured like a bad SNL script that didn't know what it wanted to be. Ghostbusters is one of the biggest disasters of a movie, rivaling suicide squad.

I feel dirty giving Pixels any merit as a movie.