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I love comic book characters, but i don´t have a great knowledge of them. I wanna know more about comic books, they are my passion since child so there I am, seeking info about my fav characters and having fun

(sorry about my english, is no my native english XD)


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@pedro7500 Welcome new user.

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You speak amazing English!


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thanks wildvine

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Welcome brother (or sister). I'm TheCannon. You're going to like it here.

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Welcome Pedro! :D

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Welcome, man!

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Your English is actually very impressive for it not being your native language! Welcome!

As from your avatar, I see you like Venom?

I'll give you some links to Spider-Man related characters.



Eddie Brock

Flash Thompson

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This is the place to be to get the info you want. Welcome.

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Welcome to the Vine!

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Welcome! I like your avatar picture!

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Welcome to ComicVine...  
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Be welcome be merry!