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As the title states

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Days of Future Past

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That is logically quite impossible to find out. We simply cannot account for "everyone".

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Didn't expect much from ant man but it was great

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Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

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Guardians of the Galaxy 1 lol.

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Urban Reign (PS2). More people thought it was a spin-off and/or a knock-off of Tekken and Street Fighter.

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@life_without_progress: I don't think the OP meant literally everyone, just the majority. Quit being so technical.

Anyway, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Wonder Woman.

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Days of Future Past

Really? First Class had a great reception, and after that first DoFP trailer everyone was hyped.

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Titans. I haven't seen it yet, but almost everyone I've talked to about it says it's awesome. At worst they've said that it was just good but not great. And I don't even think I need to explain just how bad the internet's reception was to the first trailer.

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Anime in general. Most people (including me) I've met say that they wouldn't get into anime or it's stupid, but they always cave in into one show and boom now they watch anime lol.

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GOTG Vol1 and possibly Deadpool

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I would say that number 1 is Star Wars: A New Hope. Lucas himself believed it's gonna be disaster.

I agree that some Anime might be the case although I believe generally that it is overrated. For every decent one there is a good hundred of bad ones. But people watch it....because..."insert stupid reason".

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back to the future

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The newest Bleach live action movie. You couldn't really blame people for expecting it to be shitty, as anime movies almost never work out (not saying any names, but NETFLIX'S DEATH NOTE AND DRAGON BALL EVOLUTION) but I, along with many others were actually very impressed by the movie. My only gripe, which isn't even that big is that I wish they had gotten a better Rukia

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Solo: A Star Wars Story. It may actually be my favourite Star Wars film outside of the original trilogy and Revenge of the Sith.

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21 Jump Street. For the most part movies based off old TV shows suck, but every so often you get a gem. For every Untouchables and The Fugitive there are 10 Dukes of Hazard, Beverley Hillbillies and CHiPs. If you add in the live-action adaptions of animated shows such as Mr. Magoo, Dudley Do-Right and The Last Airbender, the odds are even worse. That being said, I fully expected a cinematic update to a second rate cop show from the 80's starring Channing Tatum to continue the trend and suck, but it turned out to be one of the funniest movies I'd seen in years.

For games, the most recent Doom from ID surprised everyone by updating a classic while retaining the original's ludicrous story line. It did not show well when the beta went out, but it turned out to be a great game.

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The New Charmed tv series; it really surprised me and folks at The CW apparently; it's so good, in fact, that it's been renewed for a second season before mid-season; right at the time shows get the unexpected cancel, this show was renewed; it won me over. I was indifferent, because I'm a fan of Charmed and I didn't like deviations announced, when it first came out, and the fact that none of the members from the old show were invited back; it was for them; but, the show won me over; I just call it as I see it.

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-Paddignton (It looked like another Yogi Bear)

-X:men: First class (After the failure of Wolverine: Origins, another prequel.)

-Deadpool (Spin-off of a hated prequel)

-Bumblebee (Another Transformers movie)

-Guardians of The Galaxy (C-lists superheroes)

-Bojack Horseman (It looks like another stupid animation for adults.)

-Star Wars: Rogue One (Spin-off)

-Star Wars: Clone wars: Animated series (An animated series based on the hated prequels.)

-Wonder Woman and Aquaman (Batman Vs Superman and Suicide Squad were failures.)

-Jumanji 2 (Sequel of 20 years)

-Teen Titans go: Movie (Based on a very hated animated series.)

-Creed (Spin-off)

-Rise of The planet of The Apes (Reboot)

-Supergirl: TV series (Feminist superman)

-Cobra Kai (Sequel of 30 years)

-Castlevania animated (adaptation of a video game.)