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@ready_4_madness: I've noticed typically now A lot of games just have cinematic trailers or teasers now days or a mix of both like MK 9 actually had a few at first one cinematic and one that was a mix of both which is also cool. Once they didn't show anything at E3 I figured it would be later this year or early next year but the fact that the game hits in 4 months is nothing, that time will pass fast lol. Essentially once Winter is over so you figure 3 more months. They have the beta with preorders. I would be a little bummed if we had to wait a few months for gameplay but since they said Jan 17th for a whole presentation I'm fine with that, I made sure to take off work that day haha

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@ready_4_madness: Yep, correction I meant MK 9 lol. Long day haha. Time for bed haha

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So for those who haven't seen it, finally gameplay, some story, newer characters and info has been revealed. Game looks amazing.

Entire Stream

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MK 11 Gameplay trailer

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Sonya trailer Ronda Rousey playing Sonya now...

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New character Geras reveal:

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MK 11 story prologue (takes place at the end of MK X and shows us what Raiden did to Shinnok)

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Fatalities trailer

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Gameplay walk through with Ed Boon

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Thoughts? The customization system looks insane, like I2 and MK X but better.

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Some of the Fatalities are bit underwhelming...-_-.

So far my favorite is Sonya and Baraka's

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@mooty_pass: Oh I'm sure they'll get better as we see more. Baraka's though is just wrong lol

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This game looks lit.

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Hell yeah. We can name our own variations now too NRS confirmed, that is so cool

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Glad to see Baraka's back, and with what may be one of the best fatalities in MK history. It must be difficult to continually reinvent the characters who remain on the roster like Scorpion, but it looks like NetherRealm Studios have managed to make his combat even more fluid and dynamic than it was in MKX.

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Ronda Rousey. ❤

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Only care about Liu Kang, Smoke and Noob.

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No Mileena = No buy

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Well whaddya know, Scorpion is on the cover of the standard edition. . . again. It looks beautiful as always. The mechanics based on what I've seen in in the presentation itself, pro player matches, and Maximilian Dood's coverage seem pretty different from the formula established in MKX and I2. So glad Baraka is back though. Alien's Tarkatan variation in MKX doesn't count. I really hope there's a concrete ranking system this time around too

The only person that really matters to me character-wise is Reptile. The question as always with Reptile is what he's going to look like. Spawn better be the comic book guest character.

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@arc_conductor:Yeah they said they've done some online improvements with match making, ranking etc and of course you know there will be the Kustom variations modes only and competitive where it's the game's standard variations only. I just hope we can modify the colors as deep as possible like MKA's KAK color palette with the chart where we could literally color each piece of clothing as oppose to just preset unlockable shaders, they're cool but I feel like that's just picking options vs us actually creating the colors ourselves though it does seem that they've added more colors to MK 11's outfits than I2's, and I2 had a lot so I guess that's a good thing in a way. But yeah, Scorp is MK's poster boy every series has one though MK XL it was Sub on the cover. Someone asked Todd McFarlane if Spawn will finally show up in MK 11 since he gave the rights to use him for a few years time period, he responded on twitter with "he should be on his way"

Ed Boon said in one of the interviews, there's a character that people have been asking for who will show up not saying who it is or where they're from the fans will be happy. I'm like 99% sure it's Spawn as one of the big DLC's. Max's vids are alright but he seriously needs to stop crying over the whole "omg hope this game isn't zoning, but rushdown" most fighting games don't have a run mechanic, and MK X a lot of feedback was negative with that being rushdown and 50/50's as the meta. This game looks a lot better honestly in execution, meter balance with both offensive and defensive options this time around.

@discipulus:Yeah the animations are amazing, I hope Ermac makes the cut.

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@arctika: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9XyTvBxZ-OQ

Baraka has been my favorite character since his creation..... but this is his theme song lol

(Seriously I'm glad he back in MK11)

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@arctika: I like that the devs emphasized the footsies game more than anything this time around and it showed in the gameplay. When picked MKX back up this past weekend the fact that the back-dash drained stamina so it was limited in terms of how much distance you could create between your opponent kind of made me realize how much of a rushdown game MKX was.

I'm all for a new system when it comes to specials as well. Sure, having the standard issue meter system makes me comfortable, but the mark of a good sequel is innovation, not just looking prettier and having a new roster. It's not like they're gonna make the system difficulty to understand and use effectively either.

If they learned anything from Injustice 2 when it comes to kustomization too, it's that the more options we have the happier we'll be. Trying to get the perfect look for their fighter keeps players coming back to their game. I know that will be something to keep me playing.

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@arc_conductor:Exactly, I like how footsies and zoning will be more viable elements of gameplay again as oppose to MK X which was literally all rushdown and 50/50's. Oh yeah for sure, sometimes simplicity just evolved and improved a bit is all you need. I felt MKX had too many technical gameplay elements which isn't necessarily a bad thing but it doesn't exactly make it pick up and play accessible to the newer player either. I like how MK 11 has a classic MK feel with advanced options, similar to mk 9 but in a different way. Yep, the kustomization looks sick. Can't wait to create my own unique looking MK ninjas and use them for competitive play, but keep the cosmetic look.

@slimmcl: lol yeah I remember that, I think I'll stick to the classic MK tunes though haha. But yeah seeing Baraka back is cool.