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@ready_4_madness: I've noticed typically now A lot of games just have cinematic trailers or teasers now days or a mix of both like MK 9 actually had a few at first one cinematic and one that was a mix of both which is also cool. Once they didn't show anything at E3 I figured it would be later this year or early next year but the fact that the game hits in 4 months is nothing, that time will pass fast lol. Essentially once Winter is over so you figure 3 more months. They have the beta with preorders. I would be a little bummed if we had to wait a few months for gameplay but since they said Jan 17th for a whole presentation I'm fine with that, I made sure to take off work that day haha

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@ready_4_madness: Yep, correction I meant MK 9 lol. Long day haha. Time for bed haha