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I'm sorry.. but this is funny.

A 2x4... lol.

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thats some loaded wood

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That's school security for ya folks. :D

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BAN WOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Was he the shop teacher?

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We should put moats around schools, with a layer of mines after that, and machine gun turrets, to make sure this doesnt happen again. Who knows what damage a crazed wood-wielding madman can inflict.

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The Man Was Virtually Unstoppable.

Imagine if that was a high-powered rifle.......This definitely proves something about a school's security.

I just don't want to see my high school turned into a fortress....

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We should ban schools for not being a safe environment for children.

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Sounds sexy.

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.....Some people are mental lunatic psycho freaks.

Merry Christmas (:

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Who does this guy think he is, The Rock?

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...A piece of wood? Really?

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The title of this thread sounds like the setup to a bad joke.