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So, I logged onto the site today and found myself puzzled by the bizarre amount of Comic vs Anime threads. I had no clue that the rule had been lifted, and was happy for about 5 minutes, until my happiness grew into either a unbridled fury of looking at a thread, clicking on it, flagging it and leaving, or looking puzzled at what this person was thinking when making a thread.

So, the first thing: Can Goku now defeat Superman? I've been on this site for little over a year to know that at the beginning the answer was "no", and that it could be proven by a lot of people, and that that answer was accepted for quite a bit. But with the resurgence of these threads, is the answer now "yes"? Have that many new people got on the site and proven all that wrong? Am I being fed bullsh!t? I don't know, and I don't really care, however I always thought otherwise due to it being proven. Seriously, I'm debating Galactus vs Gogeta right now. I don't even know what's happening anymore. I'm so confused.

Secondly, what the hell is up with the random crap on the top of the pages? Example:


What is that? Seriously, like, I feel as though my computer is possessed or something.

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The battle forums have been sh** for quite some time now, why so surprised?

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First the answer was yes for a long time. Although only the basic forms of Superman get defeated

Second that is spam from a spammer

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I'm actually impressed with how well we're handling the new rule. The battle forums are alive and I haven't seen any trolls, flaming, or rudeness like I was told.

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Goku vs. Superman is a battle that will probably never be resolved but as long as people are respectful and they enjoy debating on it, I don't see any reason to take it away from them. I don't know who wins. I'm open to both sides. I admit I thought Goku was like the most powerful character ever when DBZ was a new thing but now that i'm so deep into comics I can see why it's so hard to come to a conclusion. I like battles like that. Where the answer isn't obvious.

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"besiktas-orduspor-canl-izle-mac-bjk-orduspor-tv-ligi" that is just ice cold.

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o-rudu-spoor! lol

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@turoksonofstone said:

o-rudu-spoor! lol

Rofl, you're having too much fun with this.

I'm terrified of this rule being lifted.

Like, seriously.

It made me actually afraid.

This cannot end well.

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Meh, I just make Goku automatically loose everything in my head.

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Problem is simple, they need to watch other things to fill the thread with other manga/anime, DBZ is 90's stuff and there has been an influx of HST stuff which is nice. But to make battles interesting they need to have variety and raise awareness to other types of shows, because people tend to get fed up with 10+ threads of one fictional series being reused since the dawn of CV. It just needs quality control and regulation.

Speaking about bans threads with religion in it cause more sh!tstorms than others