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Ok just a thought experiment:

Let's put together a hero/villain.

You get to pick:

1 person's physical attributes, but they have to be a normal human.

1 person's knowledge and intellect, but they can't be enhanced or have powers based on their knowledge, and must be from a normal human.

1 person's skills but they must have gotten those skills through training, not given to them by a power.

1 persons power, but it has to be a power that even if used nobody would ever know it, even if it is used on someone else

1 piece of gear, but it can't be a piece of gear thay gives you powers, enhances your abilities, or can not be explained in the real world.

1 persons life events and backstory until their first appearance, the basis of their attitude and outlook on life

Here is the rub.

You can only pick one category from any one form of media, and they count for where the originated not later interpretations. So you can't pick movie versions of comic characters, or tv versions of book characters, also 2 can be from comics, but have to be different companies.


Physicals: Dominic Toretto in his prime - Movies

Knowledge: Mr. Terrific - DC comics

Skills: Solid Snake - video game

Power: Cypher's Omnilinguistics - marvel comics

Item: Roland's guns, from the Dark Tower Series - novel

Life story: Dean Winchester Starts at episode 1 - television

Heck even give them a name

I will call the guy above:

Gabriel McEntire Aka "Killjoy", he hunts down all supernatural beings and kills them, because that is how his father raised him. He also considers anyone with special abilities supernatural, and does not care what you have done in the past, being anything but a normal human is enough. He does not even know he really has a power, he just believes he is naturally observant and strategic. His father gave him and pair of old revolvers that were blessed and can kill pretty much anything they hit.

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Physicals: Gaff-Blade Runner

Knowledge: Riddler-DC comics

Skills: MacGyver- original tv show

Power: Subconscious probability manipulation-Domino, Marvel

Item: Bag of holding DND

Life story: Max Payne