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#101 Edited by DaDivineKing (5521 posts) - - Show Bio

All it takes is one or two shots from one of the fastest and accurate punchers in history to take out someone with an untested chin like Cena.

I'm taking Mayweather.

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#102 Posted by Straight-Fire (27244 posts) - - Show Bio


Cena is a wrestler. No more needs to be said.

What the hell? You do know wrestling is fake, right?

The only way Floyd can dodge is if he outright forfeits the fight by running away, which evidence suggests is what he'll do.

You're using a Mayweather joke as an argument? Are you by any chance trolling?

Floyd is a great counter-puncher, but that means jack shit against someone who's going to force the fight into their domain. You can't counter-punch someone who isn't throwing punches.

Floyd can do more than just counter-punch. He's also great at ducking and dodging, which that's all it takes to avoid a charge. Especially from a meathead who can't fight.

If size was a non factor, they'd be mixing weight divisions in professional fights.

Why do people always use this terrible argument to justify a fugazi actor beating someone who can really fight? Size only matter if you have skill to go along with it, and does John have any? The answer is no.

Yet nothing you said in your argument actually suggests this. Floyd would get ragdolled in a street fight.

I've provided more of an argument than you. 'Cause, you know, I'm not debating for an actor and using assumptions.

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#103 Edited by tom_burke_85 (2 posts) - - Show Bio

If it's a boxing match, Floyd has a chance, but I'd still give the edge to Cena. If it's a fight, Floyd's only chance is using a weapon. Cena is way too big for Floyd. It's not a fair fight. If it's a WWE match, WWE would most likely script Floyd to win though lol.

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#104 Posted by The_Fub (1686 posts) - - Show Bio

All out fight? Cena, too big, too strong.

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#105 Posted by Usha (3494 posts) - - Show Bio

I don't know.......maybe Mayweather 59% to John 41%.

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#106 Posted by XLR87T3 (9712 posts) - - Show Bio

<p> You can't hit what you can't see</p>

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#107 Posted by KanyeCosby (6941 posts) - - Show Bio

Cena stomps.

Floyd wouldn't even be able to see his opponent.

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#108 Edited by loyngulpany (2585 posts) - - Show Bio

Cena stomps. Lol about people thinking that Mayweather will stand a chance against wrestlers in a street fight.

Yes we all know WWE or wrestling in general is fake but their skills and strength were real enough to beat a normal person in a street fight. If this is a boxing match ofc Mayweather would win but this is a street fight not a fight with rules.

The only way I can see Mayweather winning is using weapons but he will be taken down by Cena before he does that. Even McGregor would beat Mayweather in a street fight let alonr Cena. Any MMA fighter or wrestlers that are bigger than or the same size as the boxers would beat them in a streetfight.

This is like asking who is the better dancer between Gene Kelly and Michael Jackson. It was very one sided.

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#109 Posted by Buckwheat (2259 posts) - - Show Bio

@comicstooge: Not when they have no combat experience whatsoever. Floyd fights for a living, Cena has a virgin nose. He hasn't learned what everybody learns when they first step into a boxing gym, not even the simplest stuff like how not to flinch when somebody punches you. I wouldn't be surprised if one full power shot to the body by a real boxer sent Cena to the floor.

No one is one shoting no one on this fight.

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#110 Posted by Matthew660 (1579 posts) - - Show Bio

Depends a what kind of fight. In a boxing match Floyd wins 10/10. In a street fight, it could go either way.

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#111 Edited by Alavanka (2398 posts) - - Show Bio

Very hard to imagine that Cena wouldn't be able to clinch.

Very hard to imagine that Cena wouldn't be able to take Floyd to the ground once he has a clinch.

Very hard to imagine Floyd escaping from under Cena.

Very hard to imagine Floyd submitting Cena from his back.

Very hard to imagine Floyd preventing Cena from getting past his guard, and mounting him.

Very hard to imagine Floyd taking many punches from the bottom of mount.