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There was only one person that was ever perfect so take Obama as a flawed human as all of us are

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@batwatch: Please do.

The Muslim Brotherhood

Before getting into how the Obama Administration is connected to the Muslim Brotherhood, we really need to understand why the Muslim Brotherhood is a bad thing, so let's examine it.

The Muslim Brotherhood was created in 1928 with the motto, “Allah is our objective; the Prophet is our leader; the Quran is our law; Jihad is our way; dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.” Clearly, this is an extremist Islamic organization. However, it did change with time. After several attempts to take over Middle Eastern nations were put down by those nations' dictators, the Muslim Brotherhood eventually renounced violence. In many people's minds, this makes the Muslim Brotherhood a legitimate political organization, but this misses two things. (Source) First, the Muslim Brotherhood never renounced the idea that “the Quran is our law;” far from it, “Islam Is the Solution,” is a popular Muslim Brotherhood slogan (Source) and I believe the Brotherhood candidate for the highest office in Egypt spoke for most Brotherhood members when he said, “Sharia was and will always be my first and final project and objective.” (Source) Second, the Muslim Brotherhood may have sworn off violence as official policy, but they have allied with several terrorist organizations. Hamas, an organization dedicated to the killing of all Jews, declared itself the Palenstenian Branch of the Muslim Brotherhood in it's charter. (Source) The Muslim Brotherhood taught Osama Bin Laden and Khalin Sheikh Mohammed, both of whom were crucial in carrying out the 911 attacks, along with many other members of Al Qaeda. The Brotherhood and Al Qaeda do disagree on the use of direct violence, but their end goal of an Islamic state is the same. (Source)

Clearly, the Muslim Brotherhood is not a good thing unless you fancy fascism with a side of beards and burkas.

President Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt

The most obvious example of President Obama siding with Morsi is his backing of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

Before the Arab Spring, President Obama insisted that ten members of the Muslim Brotherhood should attend his speech in Egypt thereby lending them credibility in the eyes of Egypt and the world. (Source)

After the Arab Spring, President Obama did nothing to caution the Middle East about the dangers of the Muslim Brotherhood. After Mohammad Morsi's (a Muslim Brotherhood candidate's) election, President Obama congratulated Morsi on his electoral win and said he will, “look forward to working together with President-elect Morsi and the government he forms, on the basis of mutual respect.” (Source)

Just who is Mohammad Morsi? Perhpas President Obama had no way of knowing whether he was was a good guy or bad guy. Even ignoring his Muslim Brotherhood connection, Morsi's hatred for the Jews is crystal clear. Mohammad referred to Jews as, “...these bloodsuckers who attack the Palestinians, these warmongers, the descendants of apes and pigs....” Morsi also said, “We must never forget, brothers, to nurse our children and our grandchildren on hatred for them: for Zionists, for Jews. [Egyptian children] must feed on hatred; hatred must continue…the hatred must go on for Allah and as a form of worshiping him.” Not surprisingly, Morsi also called for, “Military resistance within the land of Palestine.” (Source) Perhaps more interestingly, Morsi commented on Presidnt Obama's policy in the Middle East saying, “One American president after another — and most recently, that Obama — talks about American guarantees for the safety of the Zionists in Palestine, [Obama] was very clear when he uttered his empty words on the land of Egypt. He uttered many lies, of which he couldn’t have fulfilled a single word, even if he were sincere — which he is not.” (Source)

Here are a couple of articles summarizing Morsi's civil rights abuses while in office. (Source) (Source) (Source) It's pretty much what you'd expect. Oppression of women, suppression of differing views, rampant corruption, seizure of power, ect.

During Morsi's reign in Egypt, Coptic Christians, which were comparatively secure before the Brotherhood seized power, were regularly attacked. After the Coptic Pope spoke out against the Morsi regime, hundreds of Coptics were slaughtered and dozens of churches were burned down. The Muslim Brotherhood denied being involved with the violence, yet they did call for an unspecified Day of Rage in response to the anti-Morsi forces. (Soruce) You can see in this video attacks being carried out on a Coptic church under the nose of Morsi's police officers and with their apparent blessing since they do nothing to restrain the attackers. (Source)

As Egypt was under control of the Muslim Brotherhood, the Obama Administration sold Egypt 200 Abrams tanks and 20 F-16's which they were able to purchase in part with the 1.3 billion dollars worth of money the United States sent Egypt. (Source) This money should have been kept from Egypt since the money was contingent upon Egypt “supporting the transition to civilian government including holding free and fair elections; implementing policies to protect freedom of expression, association, and religion, and due process of law.” (Source) However, the law empowered the State Department to decide whether or not Egypt was making progress, and John Kerry deemed that they were indeed on the path to freedom, so the Brotherhood received their financial compensation. (Source)

That's the biggest example of President Obama helping out the Muslim Brotherhood, but there are plenty more.

President Obama and ISNA

ISNA, the Islamic Society of North America, was founded by the Muslim Brotherhood as a wing dedicated to bringing Muslim Brotherhood values to the United States. (Source) Also of interest is the Holyland Foundation case where Islamic groups raised money supposedly for humanitarian relief to the Palestinians, but in reality the money went to the terrorist organization Hamas. (Source) ISNA was listed as an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holyland case. (Source)

ISNA has celebrated President Obama as a good President. (Source) Similarly, President Obama recorded a praising message for ISNA. (Source) Despite the bad goals and actions of the organization, President Obama has met two times with the leader of ISNA and one of those occasions was designed to discuss United States foreign policy in the Middle East. (Source) Though these are the only two meetings documented between ISNA's leader and President Obama, ISNA claims to have frequent conversations both with the Administration and with President Obama himself. (Source) The Obama Administration invited Ingrid Mattson to pray at Obama's inauguration. She was the President of ISNA at the time. (Source)

Various Links Between President Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood

Bin Bayyah is the Vice President of the International Union of Muslim Scholars. That organization openly supports Hamas and the destruction of Israel. Despite these terrorist ties, he was invited to speak to the National Security Council. (Source) The International Union of Muslim Scholars is full of Muslim Brotherhood members including the President of the organization Yusuf Al Qaradawi. (Source)

The Obama Administration has a friendly relationship with Tariq Ramadan. Ramadan claims to be against Islamism but only speaks out against mass murder because it's impractical. He also donated money to Hamas which got him banned from the United States under the Bush administration for supporting terrorism are not allowed in the country. This Slate article sums up these points and also mentions the fact that Ramadan's grandfather was the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood and Ramadan's father led the European wing of the Brotherhood. Though Ramadan claims not to be a part of the Muslim Brotherhood, he did say, “I have studied Hassan al-Banna's (the founder of the Muslin Brotherhood and Ramadan's grandfather's) ideas with great care and there is nothing in this heritage that I reject.” (You can find a source for this backed up by a French journalist by Googling the phrase quoted. The site will not let me copy the link for some reason) Recall that the Muslim Brotherhood as it was formed under Ramadan's grandfather not only wanted an Islamic state but wanted to achieve it through violence. Despite all of this, the Obama State Department authorized Ramadan's visa even though he was blacklisted. (Source)

Muslim Brotherhood delegation from Egypt were able to bypass regular security checks at JFK airport because the Obama Administration gave them special exemption. (Source)

Anas Altikriti, a lobbyist for the Muslim Brotherhood who has been linked with Hamas, (Source) met with the President and Vice-President in the White House. When the media asked about his presence, the Obama Adminstration said he was part of an Iraqi delegation serving as a translator. (Source)

President Obama also authorized the legitimacy of defense actions on behalf of Somalia (Source) shortly after a member of the Muslim Brotherhood came to power. (Source)

President Obama's Other Questionable Decisions with the Muslim World

Though that's all the easily provable Muslim Brotherhood connections I could find to the White House, there are many other actions the President has taken which make people suspicious of his decision making ability in regards to Islamic extremism, so let's look at those.

You will probably recall that last year President Obama wanted to fight for the Syrian rebels against the Mubarak regime. (Source) Though Mubarak is unquestionably a horrible guy, the rebels also have big problems. Many of them swore loyalty to Al-Qaeda. (Source) Going to war in Syria would be, to my knowledge, the first time we've ever fought a war on the side of our sworn enemy. Not surprisingly, the Muslim Brotherhood also has an active contingent in Syria fighting on the side of the rebels though they are not as large a force. (Source) The Obama Administration of course promised that any military action would be only for the benefit of the non-terrorist groups, but how do you verify this? Do we make the groups getting weapons pinkie promise they aren't with Al-Qaeda? Do we drop bombs on the Syrian government but only if we know Al-Aqeda wont benefit from it? It's impossible.

Thankfully, we did not go to war, but President Obama has recently proposed that we set aside 500 million dollars to arm the Syrian rebels which of course has the same problem as before of being unable to idenfify who is and is not allied with terrorist groups. (Source)

Moving to another matter, we can't forget the five members of Al-Qaeda released from Guantanamo Bay a few months ago when considering President Obama's questionable decisions with Islamic extremists. All five of them were high ranking members of the organization, three were mass murderers, one was a founding member, and one was a torturer. (Source)

I've been sticking to facts, but this issue is so easy it deserves a quick mention. I understand keeping people indefinitely without trial is wrong, but wouldn't it make more sense to give them a trial and rightfully imprison are execute them as opposed to releasing known mass murderers and enemies of the United States? Worked at Nuremberg.

In 2008 President Obama vowed, “I have been adamant about not negotiating with Hamas, a terrorist organization that has vowed to destroy Israel and won’t recognize them,” but within a year, President Obama changed his tune saying he was willing to talk with them in 2009 (Source) and has recently offered to negotiate a peace deal between Israel and Hamas (Source) even though Hamas is still officially recognized as a terrorist organization by the United States government. (Source) Since opening up the lines of communication with Hamas in 2009, Hamas has called for an active, violent overthrow of Israel. (Source)

Dalia Mogahed has worked on a faith Advisory Council for President Obama (Source) She is a proponent of sharia law saying it should be, “at least a source of legislation,” and that sharia law, “is going to make society more just, and that cannot be co-opted or thrown out at the whim of a despotic leader.” (Source)

President Obama pushed for an easing of economic sanctions of Iran which would net the nation at least seven billion dollars in profits on the promise that they would slow down their nuclear program. (Source) Iran has blocked inspectors from checking out the nuclear facilities, yet the sanctions have not gone back to full effect. (Source)

There are actually many other figures connected to the Obama Administration that appear to have some Islamic extremist leanings but can't quite be 100% pinned down. For instance, Mohamed Elibiary, a senior fellow on the U.S. Homeland Security Advisory Council, has made statements that seem friendly to the establishment of the Caliphate tweeting comments such as, “Kind of comical watching pundits on some US TV channels freak out about an #ISIS "#Caliphate". Easy folks, take deep breath & relax. #Iraq,” and “#Silly. As I've said b4 inevitable that "Caliphate" returns. Choice only whether we support #EU like Muslim Union vision or not.” Keep in mind that these “comical” and “silly” concerns are about ISIS...the group beheading people throughout the Middle East who don't adopt their version of Islam. Elibiary also wrote a piece defending the work of Sayyid Qutb's body of work. (Source) Qutb is often considered the “father of modern fundamentalism” who inspired Osama Bin Laden. (Source)

Despite the fact that there are many others like Elibiary who appear to be sympathetic to extremist Islam and are associated with the Obama Administration, I'm going to leave any other cases like these out of it because I have to stop somewhere and the case isn't airtight, yet I think it's worth mentioning that these kinds of figures are out there.

President Obama's Supported Groups Kill People

As far as my assertion that the Obama administration has backed groups that have led to massive bloodshed. Note that I'm not saying that the President's actions have led to bloodshed just that he backed violent groups.

The easiest example is the President's backing of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. I already mentioned how he supported them and many of the Brotherhood's bad actions. Nearly a thousand died in the original revolution by the Brotherhood. Several hundred Christians were brutalized under the regime. Around a hundred died in the counter revolution against Morsi. (Getting these numbers piece by piece would take to long since it would take dozens of individual reports. Wikipedia has the basic count and directs to the articles backing up the numbers) (Source) (Source)

The second easiest is the backing of the Syrian rebels. Though we have not officially aided them yet, President Obama certainly has thrown his support behind them. In that conflict, there are plenty of atrocities documents for both sides, and the death count is stomach turning. The Syrian rebels have killed a minimum of sixty thousand government soldiers or other government workers and it's anybody's guess how many civilians have died because of them. The death toll for the country as a whole is 250,000. (Source)

Then, there is the very real possibility that the Obama Administration specifically pushed for instability in the Middle East in the hopes that Muslim Brotherhood forces would be better than Middle Eastern dictators.

“The Obama administration conducted an assessment of the Muslim Brotherhood in 2010 and 2011, beginning even before the events known as the 'Arab Spring' erupted in Tunisia and in Egypt. The President personally issued Presidential Study Directive 11 (PSD-11) in 2010, ordering an assessment of the Muslim Brotherhood and other 'political Islamist' movements, including the ruling AKP in Turkey, ultimately concluding that the United States should shift from its longstanding policy of supporting 'stability' in the Middle East and North Africa (that is, support for 'stable regimes' even if they were authoritarian), to a policy of backing 'moderate' Islamic political movements.” (Source)

It's certainly possible that the Obama Administration rejected the advice of it's own study and it is nothing more than coincidence that the Obama Administration helped the Muslim Brotherhood, but the same article quoted above gives several more examples from leaked documents that make it appear as if the Obama Administration were intentionally pursuing a pro-Muslim Brotherhood movement.

If we conclude that the entire Arab Spring was favored by President Obama, then that obviously widens thing even further.

If we are looking to the future, we can't ignore the possible violence that might erupt from allowing Iran more time to build nukes or freeing five of the top Al-Qaeda operatives.


Anyway, that's my evidence to back up my statement that there is good reason to be suspicious of President Obama's decisions on Islamic extremism. I don't think President Obama is a secret Muslim, but I do think he has sympathy for them. That, however, is a separate discussion.

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he seems ok.

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No, he's a puppet for the money elites whom rule this country.

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No, he's a puppet for the money elites whom rule this country.

So...a politician?

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Are liars good people?

You tell me.