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I think she's cute, with a little bit of an exotic kinda pixi-ish look to her. (Unsealie court though for sure lol) Why won't that woman SMILE??...she's rich as hell, hooked up with a guy that damn near every woman wants and is super famous...why's she frowning all the time. Well...hang on...I have heard that what's his name glittery vampire guy doesn't like to bathe and is kinda stanky...maybe that's it.

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#102 Posted by Shark_Repellent_Bat_Spray (764 posts) - - Show Bio

Who cares? She a terrible actress that's all that matters.

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#103 Posted by Farron-Croft (26703 posts) - - Show Bio

@revamp said:

@Hohenheim_of_light said:

I'd hit it.

I find her attractive.

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She's okay at best .

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No. She's pretty, but she's not beautiful.


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She's pretty, not sure I'd say beautiful though.

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No...she is a dirty little hipster, who thinks fashioning sex-hair everyday is a good thing. And, I hate that smug pout she walks around with. Like she is better than everyone and everything is annoying to her.

The Death of Her Career FTW!!!!!!! 10/10

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She's got not curves at all and looks like a horse had sex with a scarecrow.

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Yeah but then again I guess as I have a history with robots incapable of simulating emotion it would turn me on!

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She's got not curves at all and looks like a horse had sex with a scarecrow.


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Yes, I think so.

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