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"Cryosleep" is likely predicated on the notion that there is no spiritual element to the human body. Or, perhaps, that the "soul" and consciousness are one. Thus, if a human can be frozen so the brain is not killed, but only put to sleep, then, in theory, he or she could be "awakened" in the future.

I am not certain if "theory" actually says that cryosleep is impossible (or highly unlikely).

Of course, if humans have a spiritual element, then such a freezing could possibly separate the body and soul. Upon "reawakening," the body may be an automaton without self or personality. This is, certainly, speculation. It may be that keeping the brain alive, no matter how, is sufficient to keep the soul "hitched."

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Yes the sleep part is the same.

But you might need to be Steve Powers or Austin Rogers for the waking up bit to work

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They do cryogenic freezing. As of now, there is no way to defreeze someone back to life.

The only exception would be embryos.

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No, sadly it's not possible because the human body gets too damaged by all its tissues and fluids freezing over.

Some research on animals has shown that it is possible but only if you do it for a short amount of time, and even then some irreversible damage was inflicted, but i'm sure there's still some rich people financing scientists for trying to figure out a way to do it.

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Newest cryopreservation technologies can preserve large organs without doing any significant damage to their structure, but we still do not know how to warm them back.

The largest animal we were able to cryogenically preserve and bring back to life was a zebrafish embryo.