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Poll: In which major 20th-century war did American troops look coolest? (20 votes)

WW1 15%
WW2/Korean War 45%
Vietnam War 15%
Persian Gulf War 25%
WW2/Korean War
WW2/Korean War
Vietnam War
Vietnam War
Persian Gulf War
Persian Gulf War

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If were just talkin' about the coolest...

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Persian gulf. I've always thought desert camouflage looked coolest.

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WWII for me. The iconic look of the American GI.

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WW2/Korean War era uniforms were so sweet! I wished I had served during that time period.

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Persian Gulf War

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#7 Posted by The_living_tribunal_24 (6301 posts) - - Show Bio

Ww1 by far.

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Persian Gulf. Largely because of the helmets with the rhino mounts...they just look cool and I never did like the look of steel pot helmets. The Vietnam guys DID have a sort of bad ass look to them but they also had a pretty serious "rag bag" look to them too. I liked the WW2 look as well but the steel pots bring it back down for me once again.

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WW2 for me. It looks awesome but the older troop uniforms were still cooler.

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From those pictures, Vietnam. They look like the U.S. Army equivalent of the Outsiders.