Ihop or Denny's ?

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Posted by fatalsniper728 (987 posts) 11 days, 1 hour ago

Poll: Ihop or Denny's ? (11 votes)

Ihop 73%
Denny's 27%

Battle of the breakfast spots

Who wins?

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#1 Posted by MoneyyJunee (1527 posts) - - Show Bio

IHOP honestly

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#2 Posted by jagernutt (17805 posts) - - Show Bio

Denny's. I like a more diverse menue.

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#3 Posted by mrmonster (16776 posts) - - Show Bio

No preference, they're both pretty much identical in my eyes.

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#4 Edited by Jgames (8339 posts) - - Show Bio

They about equal tbh. With the only thing worth getting are the breakfast. I guess service in IHOP tend to be more consistent compare to Dennys where sometime the waiter never come by and refill you coffee. Meanwhile in IHOP they sometime just leave the coffee refill next to you. So yeah, IHOP.

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All that's true but Denny's also serves more traditional lunch and dinner options than IHOP. Id get tired of eating pancakes, eggs and sausage after a while.

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#6 Posted by Insomnimaniac (230 posts) - - Show Bio

I've never once been to either so Waffle House.

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#7 Posted by mikethekiller (9690 posts) - - Show Bio

Ihop breakfast is way better.

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#8 Posted by IndomitableRegal (17349 posts) - - Show Bio

Breakfast? IHOP. Anything else? Denny's.

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#9 Posted by FaradaySloth (11912 posts) - - Show Bio

iHop is more expensive but better quality.