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We're all part of it, for better or for worse. We are the first generation to be raised with the constant prescence of the most powerful communication tool ever conceived.

The Internet has shaped the way we work, relax and even date. It's created a different notion of community for us and new avenues for expression that are, at best, liberating and fun. But that also can become a forum for pettiness and, occasionally, criminal exploitation.

We are witnesses to an age where everyone has a limitless amount of information at our fingertips, (good bless you google)

yet few choose to take full advantage of it and instead squander the more productive opportunities for the more trivial. (god damn you myspace)

The internet phenomena has transformed every aspect of our lives and our culture, we are all connected at all times and to children born around the end of the 20th century it's commonplace.

My question to all of you is, where do we go from here? Does the growing global community help us more than our loss of privacy hinders us? Judging by the immense strides taken in the last couple decades, where will we be in the next twenty years? Im considering writing a paper on the subject so your input as freqent visitors to an interet community will be greatly appreciated.

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Hmm..interesting. Its hard to say. From what I have witnessed we are not only losing our rights of privacy through the internet but we are also being sucked into a world that makes us less succeptable to be physically inclined with people. The technology we have these days in incredible but what is it really doing to us ? Though it maybe easier to use a online dating service to go online and find that special someone , but at the same time it also can destroy that actual time spent on actually going out and meeting someone face to face and dating someone. The computer to me is a great tool but it shouldnt take away from all the physical tasks we have in life. I think as we go along in the future this process will get worse and people will become so inclined to the computer that the idea of actually coming out and talking to someone face to face or meeting someone will become heavy labor.

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I for one really value my privacy, but I agree that we've come a long way since the Vietnam generation where Americans were actually really disturbed at the notion of being watched by anyone, particularly their government. Then again, I don't have Myspace or Facebook and nobody on comicvine really knows all that much about me.

On the other hand, I look at my sister (same generation, 6 years apart) and she utilizes websites like www.stickam.com where you turn on your webcam and anyone using the website can see you...That creeps me out, personally. That to me is a notion I can't grasp.

However, I think you can maintain your privacy as well as continue to expand the global community. I can be here talking to someone living in Europe, but they don't have to know what I do for a living...

So to answer your question, it seems to me inevitable that the global community will continue to expand. The internet is one door that we can never turn back to close...what's done is done. Does this expansion of the global community help us? I think so. For example, in my opinion, I think that through expanding communication between different cultures allows us to learn more and be more accepting/ open minded human beings. Where does this leave the issue of privacy? Like I said, just because you've opened the doors of communication doesn't necessarily mean that it entails sacrificing that much of your privacy. It is up to the individual how cautious s/he wants to be about his/her own privacy.

As for where we'll be in 20 years? I'm no H.G Wells, but let me think about that and get back to you. LOL

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thanks for your input guys. my fascination with the subject stems from the way society has embraced and integrated technology so quickly and easily. its been such a momentous transition and has been accomplished with with very few obstacles. the progress catalyzed by the industrial revolution has reached a momentum that was unthinkable a mere thirty years ago. i believe its astonishing and worthy of reflection.