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Posted by CCThor (876 posts) 8 days, 19 hours ago

Poll: If your friend is criminal,and you help cops to get him,does that means you are betrayed him? (35 votes)

Yes,betrayal is betrayal,no matter what the reason is. 51%
No,it was for justice. 49%
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#51 Posted by The_Kidd (11166 posts) - - Show Bio

Obviously yes its a betrayal unless there are some special circumstances where the friend is a danger to himself or you/others.

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#53 Posted by Matthew660 (1033 posts) - - Show Bio

What crime did he commit? Did he commit petty theft? Or did he rip someone’s limbs off?

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#55 Posted by BumpyBoo (14525 posts) - - Show Bio

It so depends. I don't think it's a betrayal in all cases. Like if he was some serial rapist or something? He kinda betrayed our friendship first in that circumstance, so screw him.

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#56 Posted by Rustlingjimmy (941 posts) - - Show Bio

have to go captain America on this one!

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