If you had thousands of clones with minds identical to yours, how do you think they would be toward each other?

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So I'm writing a story about the apocalypse & clones with the main character & father of the clones, known as Zero by his clones being based on myself so I've been thinking a lot about how my clones would interact & they kinda just don't.

In the context of my story my clones are obligated to coexist & work together but they don't like each other & wont socialize with one another & when they do have to work together they interact like robots, fights aren't common but when they do happen it's to the death period.

So I guess the question is if their was a legion of yous, would you get along with yourself?

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I'm very abrasive and sensitive. I would either be my own best friend or my most petty enemy

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Yes we would be best friends.

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me and the boys surviving the apocalypse

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We would basically be the tyranids from 40K. Just a massive hive mind of man children lmao.

Eventually there would be so many of us that we would just swarm entire countries and take them over. It would be pretty dope honestly.

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You'll have a thousand new CV accounts lmao, Ultimatesage10000

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There can only be one

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I would piss myself off.

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There’d be carnage.

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Well, for one, I would never want to be but assuming they are all exact copies with all my memories we would all kill each other.

I actually wrote a story about a suicidal and deeply self hating guy who gained the power to make a duplicate of himself. It was only ever 2 of him at a time but there would always be 2. Essentially a suicidal depressed self hating guy with serial immortality who always has a clone of himself around as a target of his hate.

He spends the first year repeatedly fighting himself to the death over and over but no matter who wins there are always 2.

Excellent training and way to vent for someone who hates themself.

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I would troll myself lol.

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Intense dislike.

And I'll probably get jealous of myself or something.

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yea, why would i have a problem with myself they all think like me so they would all know what to do and what not to do

however the more time we spend as different entities, the more we would become different from one another... so every now and then a massive "merge" of our personalities would be required, and then split again into new clones, otherwise we would slowly drift apart because we're all living through different experiences and that would change us and essentially turn us into something like a bunch twin brothers? which is not the goal here and all my clones would already know this so there's no risk one of my clones would refuse to merge