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Use this website to find out and let your fellow viners know. 
 There are tabs on the top of the page that allow you what year to select. If you were born in the 1960's. Select the 1960's tab. Then from there select 60 through 69... And so on. 
Study the statistics of your history back then and then ask yourself why you have to pay more gas now than when your parents have many years go. As you can see... Your parents have it made much better living in the economy better than you. The middle class of today struggle a lot more than they would have back in the days. Study the charts... and envy if you like, but if you want gas prices to get back the way they were the day you were born.... You better vote for the right guy that would make that change.

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Wow... a gallon of gas was $ 0.93 cents. 
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Gas cost an average of $0.35(Thirty-five cents) per gallon in the year of my birth.

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@Blood1991 said:


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One did not simply  pay $1.21 simply for a gallon.

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@SuperTide said:


Ninety bucks, huh? Lol!

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@PowerHerc said:

@SuperTide said:


Ninety bucks, huh? Lol!


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That's a pretty informative website if I do say so myself. It is pretty interesting what inflation can do to our economy.

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2 bucks I think.

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I think I'm the oldest but $1.25........ maybe the commy scares.

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Free. You fart whenever you want. Sheeeesh!