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@lunacyde said:

@doofasa: You said everything I wanted to say, but like 100% better and more encouraging.

Haha thanks mate, most of the good stuff was from my wife.

When I went up and read your comment I thought you said everything I did, just way more concise.

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This thread is sad.

Just like the non existent amount of girls I've kissed.

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on the mouth?

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If you mean the passionate, love-spawning sort of kisses... Then only 3 since I've only been in 3 serious relationships with girls.

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1500 more or less but I'm over 30 so kissing is not even a measure of intimacy for me

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Seems legit.

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Lmao at the answers above. It's a 0 as of now, excluding relatives. Unfortunately.

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Total of 2 with not including relatives.

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I'm impressed by the honesty here honestly.

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I don't kiss girls, girls kiss me.

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Tbh I think interactions with girls at around my age and below (like 15-19, I’m 19 for reference) largely depends on your social circle and what you do in your social life. Most of the girls I’ve kissed aside from a few due to other situations/relationships have come from things like parties where everyone involved has been pretty drunk and it was just a spur of the moment kinda thing. I highly doubt many people who have got with ‘loads’ of girls did it in any meaningful way, kissing is allot less black and white and depends on context most of the time.

Just be social.

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@lunacyde said:

@mexcomics2078: Thats exactly how you do it

Ok, sorry to nose in your conversation, but just to thow inn my two cents. A good sense of humor will go very very far with girls. I'm not talking about myself, but one of my brothers, he always gets all the girls because of his relaxed-funny attitude.

It works like this, in good humour you can give a girl a compliment (par example: wow, I love your eyes...!) but laugh it off as a joke if she doesn't responde adequately. Is the perfect strategy against regection. If you go and, I don't know, ask her if she want's to grab a pizza, and she looks at you wrong or turns you down, you just smile and say "what? you thought I was asking you to grab it WITH ME? hahaha..." It sounds silly in writing, but the idea is, you can get closer with humour, and rejection won't be as hard, since you will take the awkwarness away by pretenging you where joking, that you where not really asking for her number.

Also in a fun and non serious way you can brake the contact barrier. You know, if you are both laughing, it won't be awkward if you touch her on her shoulder or elbow, or even grab her hand. And I don't mean you have to be really funny. No way. You are not supposed to be Jim Carrey level of funny, that's just even more awkward. So don't force it. You just have to be in a relaxed enjoying life type of attitude.

Remember this: if a girl has fun with you, she will want to spend more time with you. Everybody wants to have fun.

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I'm an unlikeable, ugly bastard, so 1.

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I don't kiss girls, girls kiss me.

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I'll take that as 0

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I don't know

How many handshake have you done, in your life?

Where i come from, we greet each others with kisses.

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I haven't been keeping track. But i'm 26 in a 2+ year relationship so that stuff isn't really on my mind.

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Maybe like 15 or so. Not too many for a senior in college lol.

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4 but I regret kissing them all.

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Not so low I can remember how many. Not so high I bothered to keep track.

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@lunacyde said:

...I really have no number. More than I can reasonably remember.

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Just kissed? 56

Yea, its like you to keep track

What a man-thot

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Non-related, maybe about 2 or 3. At 11 or 12, it was my second kiss, and that lead to something a little more adult. I was young and stupid.

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At this point it's between 8 and 10. Not sure of the exact number.