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I don’t understand the title. 🤔

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2 decillion Dollars

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How much money are you offering?

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It has to be a sizable amount, given how unattractive I will be--for an entire freaking year, at this stage in my life.

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$20,000 is enough

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A few thousand to say the least.

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At least $10 000

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60 Grand will do

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Gimme a mill.

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5k and i would do it.

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I've shaved my head before and had a bald head for a while years ago. Wasn't really a big deal, but I wouldn't want to do it nowadays. I look like a bad guy and people give the cautious type looks towards me. But I'd do it for as low as 2,000 if seriously offered.

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The bald look isn’t too bad for me. As long as I can keep my beard and mustache. Still, it would be nice to be paid for it.

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Kek I just shaved my head less than a week ago for free. Only downside is that I'll look like an ex-con for a year, but hey, some chicks dig it.

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Not much to be honest, maybe $100

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$100 per month.

$1200 total.

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The demands from some of yous are mad! I’d go skinhead for a warm sandwich, lol

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Already shave my head. You'd have to pay me a substanial sum to grow my hair out.

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Missed this. If we are asking want than I don't know. Maybe $500,000,000,000. That seems good. Though I wouldn't mind a trillion.

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1 million

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Probably like $40

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In all honesty, I'd do it for probably $100, maybe even just $50. I don't give a crap about my hair. Sure I'd have to wear a hat throughout most of the year to prevent sunburn, but I could do that easily, I already own 8 caps.

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For infinity dollars.

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I used to do the bald look when I was younger, but I stopped because I didn't like being accused of being racist.

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37 million

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10 bucks. It's silly that guys really care that much about hair.

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@benjamin_poindexter said:

10 bucks. It's silly that guys really care that much about hair.

I would want more money than $10 but this.

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Probably a few hundred.

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Something like $5000

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Not a single penny less than billion😈😈😎