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How come does Wal-Mart sell censored music, but not censored games and movies?

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You can turn the gore off in some games does that count?

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It is most likely simple economics, there is probably little demand for censored games/video and hence it is not sold.

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interesting question... 
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You can't really censor games honestly. I mean as Blood said you can turn off the gore in some games but that's not really censoring them plus I don't think game developers would be willing to make a censored/uncensored version of video games.

Anyway on topic: I don't really know

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Aren't games stocked behind a glass case? Not that I think it matters to the question but here in Canada they are.

I had no idea they self-censored music. How ridiculous. I do know that lately there has been exclusivity deals with artists and even that is ridiculous and annoying.

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Because WalMart is a hypocritical corporate giant that fakes morality while still being driven by greed.

  • Foul language = Public relations problems with the pious and self-righteous, which in turn diminishes profits when they don't buy other products, and the fact that less and less people are buy music in any form other than digital these days, so not selling music with foul language doesn't really cost them much money.
  • Digitally simulated war, crime, murder and/or destruction = Huge profits despite it's apparent lack of morality because this stuff is going to sell whether Walmart chooses to sell it or not and WalMart isn't going to miss out on that money.
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Wal-mart sold unedited versions of "I Spit on Your Grave" (both editions).

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I don't know