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Poll: Home Alone vs A Christmas Story, which is a better Christmas clasic? (30 votes)

Home Alone 63%
A Christmas Story 13%
Die Hard is the true Christmas movie 10%
Other 13%

Title says it all, personally, I pick Home Alone, used to watch it all the time when I was little.

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I like Home Alone best out of all these, but I voted "Other", because my favorite Christmas Movie/Special is "A Charlie Brown Christmas"!

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Home Alone. TBH, I've always found A Christmas Story to be tremendously overrated, I've never really liked it. Home Alone always makes me laugh.

But neither compare to my favorite Christmas movie of all: Elf.

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Home Alone.

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Home Alone is better than the other 2 combined...

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Home Alone.

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It's A Wonderful Life beats them all but If I have to choose. A Christmas Story was better. Idk why Home Alone wins this thread.

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Home Alone

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I can watch Home Alone and Home Alone 2 every Christmas season

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As a kid Home Alone was the best, seen it over a million times.

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It's a Wonderful Life is a masterpiece and none of these three compare.

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Die Hard

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Home Alone

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Home Alone easily

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Home alone solos

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Out of the two, Home Alone, but I'm a Gremlins man myself.

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A classic holiday piece.

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Silence of the - Home Alone.

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Home Alone.

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Home Alone for me.

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Home alone is a mf classic. If anyone watches a movie that's not home alone or at least Grinch stole Christmas on Christmas, they not really celebrating Christmas. They're celebrating hannukah(however tf you spell it) or some shit