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I'm sorry for posting this here but I've no one else and nowhere else to go really. I've been trying to get over depression for a couple years and have it because I was emotionally abused and used and really saw the worst in a human being. I'm just so disappointed with life and people and the world we live in... Do you guys have any suggestions to deal with this? I'm sorry to bother you guys I just need some help 😞

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Don't rely on random nobodies on a Comic forum for much help. Seek mental health professionals.

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You should start by talking to a pastor at your nearest church; do that and/or try 3 churches and talk to someone in a leadership position in those churches; and, take their advise. In the mean time, pray the Lord's Prayer and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. If you do these things sincerely, you should start to feel better immediately.

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@alfacess: Sorry, but you'll need to look for help elsewhere. These threads typically draw trolls that would do more damage than good.