Has using social media on an unhealthy basis ever given you severe repercussions offline?

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Has using social media on a unhealthy basis ever given you severe repercussions offline?

So I just watched the "Smithereens" episode of Black Mirror last evening (Great performance from Andrew Scott but the episode really needed to more subtle about its plot and themes at times) and thought the themes of the episode would be an interesting discussion.

For me, personally, I haven't had any severe repercussions for my social media usage disturbing my real life activities. In fact, quite the opposite, I'd get into trouble for not checking my social media accounts relating to university needs.

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I'm not sure I'd call it severe.

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One time I posted some (quite technical) pictures on my social media account (back when I used to have one) and used some of those pictures as background/wallpaper.

Then I received a response/comment on the said social media account (its actually more like a reprimand) from a top R&D engineer, claiming that those pictures are "company properties" and I shouldn't be using them for my personal use, she also threatened me that they will pursue disciplinary actions against me as they would not tolerate such actions.

My account was accessible to everyone in my workplace and the said engineer made her comment a public post, (she even made it sure that the top managers knows the issue)

After that, I received an email from our company's legal representative claiming that I violated some rules about disclosing corporate information related to some very confidential research and development project and that i should expect legal actions if they find out that it compromised the company's interest.

I really wanted them to try, just for fun,

but then I just decided that the hassle is not worth it and informed them that these so called "company properties" are publicly accessible photos available on the internet from a certain tax-funded public university.

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Nope. I really can't think of anytime something on social media came back to hurt me in real life.

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Nope. The worst that's happened is eyesight in my left eye is now a lil blurry at certain distances. I miss my 100% eye sight.

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I know multiple people who have been fired for using Facebook at work.

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Pretty much using it to torture myself at this point

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During high school, I used Twitter so much that I actually lost myself in the hype and the app itself. I almost had to repeat my entire junior year.

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Can't get repercussions from social media if you don't use social media.

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Nope. I really can't think of anytime something on social media came back to hurt me in real life.

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This was one of the weaker and LATE on the thematic line of Black Mirror stories. Nosedive did social media and smart phones better. But No it hasnt.

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@@ Yeah it has been very bad in the past. I had already been kicked out of two medical schools for an addiction I had which was a shame because academically everything was relatively easy so I was forced to resort to a boring Foundation Accounting degree course in another university, and I got the degree. Now I am doing something else in terms of academia. During those Accounting times, I was very feisty if someone took aim at my pride, I wanted to be given my due respect to everything I had achieved up until then. I was feisty towards my family and towards anybody online on Youtube that would mock me and say bad stuff about me. I took every word too personally and sometimes I still do. I remember when one stranger on Youtube and I had a 'spat' and the words he typed to me were taken personally by me and I was holding my head down in real life while I was walking. When people online say blanket statements like "You're a loser" or "You suck" or even racist statements online it can hurt quite deeply, some people online need to realize that the other person they're talking to is a human being who probably has family and friends who care for them...I'm not defined by just my profile pic. Plus the opinions I have online doesn't represent everything about me. For example, someone might be a Donald Trump supporter who has a MAGA hat on their profile pic but that doesn't warrant another online person calling the Donald Trump supporter a loser or telling him to go kill himself just because he has a different opinion to you...that particular Donald Trump supporter could also be a talented pianist or a person who loves his family and sister and makes the whole room shine.

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I don't really use social media a lot if I'm honest. At least I don't post very often. I mostly just browse around. Unless I see something that I feel was kind of interesting to post or discuss, I don't really do too much.