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Or Tarpley as he likes to be known to his friends.  Anyway our fellow CV member and user is joining the ranks of 23 year olds today (that being Wednesday, it is just past midnight where I am).  He might seem new to the site, be he isnt really.  He just bounces around between usernames because he thinks it is cool.  Anyway for those who would like to take the time to wish him happy birthday you can do so, and for those that don't you could do it anyway.  (by the way where he lives it is not his birthday for another 80 minutes, but dont let that stop you.)  

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Happy birthday!

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Happy Birthday Delphic!!! I appreciation our interactions. I label and recognize you as a smart comic fan. The type of comic fan that exudes the type of qualities I aspire to. Your blogs are rich and I enjoy reading them as well, thank you for all your contributions to this site and I hope your day today is extra special.  
Happy Birthday and all the best wishes! 

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Happy Birthday and Warm Seasons Greetings!

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@RazzaTazz: Wow, Tam, thank you. This is really awesome. :)

@InnerVenom123: Thank You!!!

@lykopis: XDDDDDD LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL HAHAHA Thanks for the Birthday Godzilla Sera :D

@SC: Thanks SC I'm glad to be here. ^_^

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@CATPANEXE: Thank you. :)

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Happy Birthday :)

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Happy Birthday!

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Happy Birthday! :)

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Happy Birthday! :D

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Well, well --- lookee here! Apparently it is someone's BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DELPHIC! You have been a fantastic and dear friend this year and deserve every kind of joy this day/night could provide!


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Happy Belated Birthday dearie! <3