funniest thing you ever saw or heard

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What is the funniest thing you ever saw or heard

can be a video,a pic,or a story

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come on people

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my daughter when she crosses her large blue eyes.

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I saw a kid rip his Grandpa's Floss Teeth out of his mouth when I ate at a restuarant today.

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Check this vid out not the funniest but its worth checking out

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the funiest hu try this wheni was 15 me and my frends would get bourd out of our minds and theirs allt of the s stories, but this one consists of me being dared to ride my bike off my house.i chikend out the first time so i told him id do around off kinda like a cart wheeel off the house. it ust to be pritty simple so i gave it atry. but as i my hands leave the roof i see a wheel baral bellow me and it troughs my landing off i land flat on my backin it breath knocked out try to roll out only to land in apile of dog dudeon my knees . that suck then buts pritty funny now caus the next day i did the bike and broke the fram in half and it felt like my nuts but their still hear thatnk god and working lol