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These are my first impressions of Dishonored. I've only played through the first couple of missions, and perhaps, if people want, i'll make an actual review later.

So, that said, Dishonored plays like a Arkham City Predator Map but on a massive scale with side missions, first person perspective, great freerunning (sorta), Assassin's Creed style assassinations and magical powers such as teleporting.

I want to point out here, that the above is super awesome.

The game has an interesting story-line but i don't particularly want to get into it now, other than to say that i hope i see more of The Outsider. I hope there are twists and plot about him. Basically, he's entertaining and interesting.

The free-running of the game is pretty fluid and fun. I've had a couple of problems with climbing and jumping. But its really not that annoying. I was playing on Hard, but it got tough quick, so i switched it back to normal. I don't think the game is REALLY that difficult, its more that i was really trying not to kill my opponents. I did if i absolutely had to, but i attempted to avoid it as much as possible.

The Stealth mechanics of the game are fun, but a little confusing as to when i'm supposed to be hidden and when i'm not. I wish that the indicator in the bottom right of the screen would indicate how close i was to being discovered. The magic powers that i've played so far have been incredibly fun to use. And i really like the rune and bone charm system. Though i will admit that i wish that bone charms were currency and that i could pick out which ones i want.

The only thing that i find very annoying, is the fact that there isn't a way to non-lethal defeat enemies in combat. So if i get discovered i have to flee. The only way for me to not flee is to shoot them with sleep bolts. But those sleep bolts are rare, and i can only hold 10 at the most. I seriously wish there was a way for me to beat people's face in until they get knocked out. It's very annoying that i can't take them out non-lethally. It IS possible that there are later abilities that allow that, as after all i am on the first few levels.

Those are my basic thoughts so far.

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It was an incredible game. Loved the story. Finished it on low-chaos. Mad props to Arcane Studios.