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A guy over in Germany lost his arms six years ago in a work accident, but now he has arms again, and they actually work! Apparently he can only feel tingling in them because the nerves have not regenerated yet, but he has some mobility in them and they're not being rejected by his body.

It simply amazes me that transplant medicine has come so far. To think that whole limbs can be replaced years after the originals were lost is frankly awe inspiring. I can honestly say that I am extremely impressed by this procedure and wish him the best of luck in his rehabilitation. It'll take about two years according to the doctors, but that's nothing compared to having arms again...

  • http://uk.news.yahoo.com/afp/20081008/thl-patient-delighted-after-world-s-firs-96993ab.html
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um...whos arms is he walking around with?

how gross
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Wow...thats pretty crazy. Reminds me of the movie Body Parts