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It's really grinding on me lately and I just can't let it slide anymore. But what is it with the sheer amount of unoriginality in novels these days and their film adaptions? In fact, why are there being film adaptions to the most unoriginal novels ever? Not to put comics down in the slightest, but comics are considered by snobs to be simple and childish. No sir. They have more originality than most modern literature if you ask me!

I'm thinking it started with Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter getting the success they did though. Typically LotR being long established classic literature that majority audiences could better relate to in film format. Then Harry Potter movies riding in directly on the coattails of the novels' success. But then Twilight??? REALLY??? I'm still at a loss wondering what the hell the writer and the fans were thinking... Angsty teen vampies and were-poodles get an angsty teen film deal where they get to portray on screen how every inhuman angsty teen wants to bang the angsty teen next door. Yay. I'm happy for you. But your poodle is pooping on my front gate. I'm getting my gun, you sparkly bastids.

But THEN somebody gets the same basic angsty teen idea and writes The Hunger Games, a ridiculous re-working of Battle Royale, one of the best films of all time (that also has graphic novels, I believe?!), which also gets a movie deal in no time at all because it's a trilogy? Great. you got Woody Harrelson to agree to put on a wig. Did you pay him twinkies? I hope they weren't contracted under royalties. But come on... the people that went to see this and liked it probably hate Battle Royale without even seeing it!

THEN some other sick, twisted individual has written a trilogy of porn stories for the internet based on TWILIGHT and called it 50 Shades of Grey, changing every detail but the plot and what she wants Headward to do to her, involving getting her pregnant etc. Sicko! Why? They make pornos for people who want to see this crap, we don't need a multi million $ or £ movie about weird bondage fetishes for sparkly vampires edited and rewritten as office managers.

THEN, without warning Stephanie Meyer has another film based on her novel, THE HOST!!! About aliens... and angsty teens. Angsty Human Teens that want to BANG and ANGSTY TEEN ALIEN THAT HAS SNATCHED THE BODY OF ANOTHER ANGSTY TEEN!!!


I just wanted an excuse to post this film clip from the real 'Host,' a Korean film about a big fish monster thingy. If you haven't seen it, it's really awesome. the Koreans, i love them, are awesome at translating humour too. And nobody, just for the record, is angsty, not even the big fish thing, and nobody gets pregnant...

Enjoy :)