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Poll: Favourite NBA Team? (18 votes)

Boston Celtics 17%
Brooklyn Nets 0%
New York Knicks 6%
Philadelphia 76ers 17%
Toronto Raptors 0%
Chicago Bulls 6%
Cleveland Cavaliers 6%
Detroit Pistons 6%
Indiana Pacers 0%
Milwaukee Bucks 0%
Atlanta Hawks 6%
Charlotte Hornets 0%
Miami Heat 6%
Orlando Magic 0%
Washington Wizards 6%
Dallas Mavericks 0%
Houston Rockets 0%
Memphis Grizzlies 0%
New Orleans Pelicans 0%
San Antonio Spurs 11%
Denver Nuggets 6%
Minnesota Timberwolves 0%
Oklahoma City Thunder 6%
Portland Trail Blazers 0%
Utah Jazz 0%
Golden State Warriors 6%
Los Angeles Clippers 0%
Los Angeles Lakers 0%
Phoenix Suns 0%
Sacramento Kings 0%
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Curry’s going to Yoink another MVP 🏆

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OKC Thunder.

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90's Chicago Bulls

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San Antonio Spurs.

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Miami Heat.

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Sixers. Trust the Process.

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I don't have one. :(

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New York Knicks though it's painful to watch, so I lost touch with Basketball to be honest.

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Cleveland Caveliers, Lakers, and Thunder are my mainstay teams in that order.

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Celtics because I live an hour from Boston.

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Sixers fan forever, trust the process.

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Don't have one because these teams aint loyal or too stupid

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Chicago Bulls

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Detroit Pistons bad boy era.

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I'm definitely a Celtics fan first and foremost, but I'll also root for the Mavs and the Pacers.

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Die-hard Knicks fan but that team is really going to send me to grave. So Ive not been very interested in them for the last 10 or more years. Even when they got one good season with Carmelo and Jr Smith. Not that I don't watch and don't celebrate the rare moments of winning, just don't care too much about them anymore.

I found out that I've always liked Denver Nuggets. Small franchise, always away from the spotlight, but they somehow manage to play good, attractive basketball. With Mutombo, Carmelo, with Iguoadala for one season and George Karl coaching and especially now with Jokic.

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It was always the Lakers -- then Kobe left. And LeBron joined. So that's done.


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And I've been a fan for the Sixers since a child, I didn't even know who LeBron and the Heat were before I decided to look at other teams in the NBA.

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@kinglouie: well at least I was here before the bandwagons came

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The Cavs though I haven’t watched a game of their’s in like a year.

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76ers, Celtics and Pacers.

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Celtics nets & Knicks