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Posted by CCThor (1278 posts) 2 months, 11 days ago

Poll: Do you think judge someone's abilities and personality just by how that guy looks is right or wrong? (20 votes)

Right. 20%
Wrong. 45%
Sometimes is right,sometimes wrong. 30%
If the judge guy has a lot of experience for seeing through people then is right,otherwise is wrong. 5%
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It's absolutely wrong but it's the universal form of discrimination that affects/transcends every culture, ethnicity, border, and all time periods since the start of creation and humans, but particularly in developed countries like the United States (e.g and even the Bible and the Laws of Moses acknowledges it); this is the one new amendment that is absolutely necessary for Title VII in the United States to at least begin the process of true equality; this is the form of discrimination that just about everyone except those affected are hypocrites over; in some way, shape, or form, nearly everyone with long term tenure on a job, multiple jobs, or in a position of leadership got there based on their looks (e.g. an exception would be inherited wealth); only the people affected by discrimination based on looks have not. Thus, to us who are affected, we're not impressed with anyone's accomplishments in whatever field and what type of story you have to lay out; it's all to do with looks and luck.

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It's not "absolutely" wrong, but it's just mean and rude. Some people need to be judged and are judged. That is life, as life judges you

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It's pretty much a universal thing all humans do.

It's wrong and we know it is but we still do it, it is in our nature sadly.

Everyone judges but it's best to keep quiet about it and not hurt others.

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It's in our system. We cannot choose whether or not to do it.

But its perfectly possible for our perception to change after a while.

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It depends, if they are obese I’m going to assume they aren’t that fast, if they are really skinny I’m going to assume they aren’t that strong, if they have signs of a mental disability I’m going to assume they aren’t that smart. But judging someone’s personality just off their appearance would be wrong in most scenarios.

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Regardless of whether I am right or not in assuming someone's abilities and personality based on looks alone is irrelevant. What is relevant is that it is morally wrong to make the judgement in the first place. Don't judge others unless you want to be judged yourself.

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First impressions are incredibly important, and the first thing somebody does when they meet a person - more often than not - is... well, look at them. So right or wrong, appearance is very important and can tell you a lot about a person (again, right or wrong).

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Right because when I see a homeless person I know they are lazy and they also look lazy.

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Have we learned nothing from years of reading X-Men comics?

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When it comes to sports and athletics, it's absolutely fair. When someone is 80lbs overweight tells you that they eat only 1500 cals a day and exercises 2 hours a day, it says a lot about their integrity. That said, you'll do well not to underestimate anyone. You never know if the guy who has a bit of a belly fat is just recovering from an injury, and would whip himself back in shape over the next 3 weeks.

When it comes to academics, no so much. Some of the smartest people I know are good looking and extremely attractive, and don't look like your stereotypical nerd.

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Yes we know from science that good looking people are leaders. People who wear glasses or have messy hair are smart. People who are grungy or eclectic are great at art. And people with tattoos are criminals.

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It's not necessarily right or wrong in and of itself. It's a precautionary measure but is too often taken too far due to prejudice & paranoia.

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Wrong. Not everyone is perfect and if you shut them out due to status... You have issues.

Plain and simple.