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Poll: Do you prefer dogs or cats as pets. (40 votes)

Dogs 63%
Cats 38%

As the title says. Which do you prefer and why?

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Depends on the current living situation.

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I am a dog person. Always and forever.

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Like both, but prefer dogs more.

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Dogs, but I love cats too.

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Dogs are so much better.

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Cats are Satan

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I like both equally tbh.

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All animals are loveable, but cats are the best.

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Cats because they are less needy

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I'm a dog person, they hold a special place; I kind of grew up together with Benji until we were both 12; but, I don't mind a cat every now and then.

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My family's only ever had dogs, but I do have some relatives with cats.

Sometimes, I feel like I can't deal with most dogs' overly positive energy, though it seems they're willing to put up with more stuff than cats.

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I'd rather own a cat, but prefer being around dogs. If that makes sense. Dogs are good for short periods, but I can't show that much love and attention ALL the time

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Dogs are better companions but cats need less attention. So cats.

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I have three dogs two cats and ten birds as i like animals in general so both.

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both are delicious

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I got one abandoned dog - abandoned by my sister who went to live in America

I used to have 2 rescued kittens - they were rescued by a pretty Japanese lady while she was touring in our place, i met her during my morning jog and she asked me where's the vet, long story short i end up adapting those damn kittens.

After some week those idiots contracted rabies and die a miserable death (japanese lady didn't have them vaccinated, vet said they were still too young to receive some. Some sick stray cats probably enter the yard and mess with them.

I have to take my own shots after that.

I don't know which i prefer the most, probably the dog.

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Doesn't matter to me.

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Cats for me.

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Dogs. (aka. Dorgs, Doges, or Doggerinos)

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Dogs by a long shot

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I prefer cats.

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Mismatch. Dogs stomp.

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I prefer fish

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Cats are so much better than Dogs, and I have 2 Dogs and 1 Cat. Most people who hate Cats never give them the chance.

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dogs are far more useful

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Doggo's forever and always, in every situation

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At this point in my life, cats because I am lazy and have no desire to walk the dog two to three times a day in all sorts of weather.

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Much rather prefer cats. Dogs are to hard to train. All you need is a litter box and the cat knows where to use the bathroom. Or it goes outside. I just don’t like the way dogs lick all over ya and their breaths stink. Pee-ew. Cats are softer and feel a lot better to hold and cuddle with.

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