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If so, which ones?

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Yes. I have two on my chin from accidentally getting hit in the face with a board while helping my dad redo my back deck. One required stitches, the other just required skin glue.

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I'm cover with scars.... I lost count how many I have. I was a clumsy kid growing up.

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Yeah, I have one on my shoulder from when I accidently got burned by an iron.

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One on my left eyelid.

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I got a lot, but lets go through my favorites.

  • There's a slight discoloration on my forehead from when I burned off half face off(2nd Degree burns, don't worry, I got better.)
  • I have a horizontal gash at the end of my left eyebrow from a glass-shard when I was three(fun tidbit my father has the exact scar, except his is vertical)
  • There's some slight discoloration around my collar area from when I had eczema and basically scratched off the skin in that area
  • I have a round scar on my outer thigh from when I accidentally impaled myself with a nail, building a tree house with friends.
  • Right under my big toe is a scar from when I had a shard of glass stuck in my foot for an entire summer. When it was extracted the puss was green, then pink, and finally red. The doctor more or less called me an idiot for not telling anyone my foot was in pain for three months.
  • And the stupidest gotten one is this long horizontal gash right below my left shin. Y'see I had these wicked inline skates, but I had lost the little cushion part, but they were still pretty wicked so I just wore them without it. The problem with this is that everytime I wore them, this small piece would just dig into my skin, essentially cutting me. So, for almost a year I wore these skates everyday, and everyday I was bleeding after every session. My mom tried to throw them away but I wasn't having that, an I'd would just fetch them from the trash or try to hide them. I lost them, or maybe my mother threw them away better.

I was a pretty dumb kid.

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I have one in my lip

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I have scars on both of my forearms.

The ones on my right forearm are from when a trampoline fell on me.

The ones on my left forearm are from when I accidentally put my arm through the window of a rolling car in mid air.

That last one is a bit more badass than the first one haha

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My knees are covered in so many scars, the skin is just puffy red as a result. I also have a huge scar in a very, let's just say private place.

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There's a terrible one on my left knee, I was running to my cousin at an open area with rocky ground.

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One surgery scar below my neck.

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Do emotional scars count?

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Yeah, forehead when I got into a car accident when I was six.

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One below my left eye. I fell down a stairwell when I was two years old.

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One of my favorites is a scar in the middle of my forehead where I was hit by an aluminum swing. While enjoying the ride, I jumped off mid-swing, turned around; it came back and conked me square in the noggin. I don't remember much after that, but I came to in the Bronx. I didn't live in the Bronx.

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Yes, a lot. They cover my arms and legs.

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@lubub55: Hello. Do please try and make sure you put Off Topic content in Off Topic and not General.

General is meant for general comics news, ideas, opinions, views and so on. Anything to do with users and their life experiences, video games, etc goes into Off Topic. Thank you.

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Yes, two.

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Only the mental kind :(

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Yes from when the vet neutered me. Her hands were so cold. :(

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Yes. From when I survived a drive by shooting.

Na jokes.

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A large one on my chest. Some small scars elsewhere.

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yup, mostly on my arms, comes from working with rowdy farm animals, one on my tongue where a hockey stick cut it open, and some on my legs.

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In the order I got them.

  • Appendix, easy one when I was 12 years old.
  • Knee Surgery, when I was 17 years old. Playing basketball. I was tripped leg stayed up while I fell down.
  • Head Injury, 1999 rolled my mustang on expressway (hydroplaned it) I am 6'5" in a mustang. This is a story in itself.
  • Shoulder, August 2017 yeah hasn't happened yet but it will got attacked from behind by an escaped mental patient at work. Guy tried stabbing me. Got two torn tendons that happened during the fight.
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Scar on my forehead from hitting myself in the head with a baseball bat. I was hitting a basket ball on the ground watching it bounce up really high, I was too young to realize the ball can bounce up and hit the bat into my face.

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Loads. Was born prematurely and there were only so many places they could stick the needles. Got stuck so many times that I have patches of permanent scar tissue on both wrists, elbows, back of my knees, ankles, some on my chest and some in other spots.

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  • Yea i got a couple of scars on my legs from childhood..Mostly do to doing way too many bike tricks..And i got a bunch of news one from doing the same thing..lol
  • And a few years ago i also got one from when my cat had wrapped its neck around a dog collar and was about to choke to death becuase she kept squirming, so i rushed in to untie it and in the process i got a scratched pretty bad right under my eye..Its all healed up now but its still slightly noticeable, and makes me look like a pirate under some lightnings..lol
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I spilled boiling hot ramen on my bare chest when I was 13 and now the middle of my chest is slightly darker than the rest of my body, though it's covered by hair so it's hard to notice.

I also crushed my middle finger in between the panels of my garage door when I was 14 and now it has a black line running down the middle.

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@eto: Well it's hard to find other cats who like comics so I just use the human forum, hope no-one minds.

A lot of users assume I use my paws, I actually use my nose.

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Sun scars on the back of my shoulders

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Yeah plenty. I think the only one I can claim to getting due to something I did is a small scar on my finger from where I was welding and removed my glove to turn off the machine and picked the metal with my gloved hand but it was hotter than I expected so my hand jerked right into my ungloved hand.

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I have a Toyota, but only one so I don't knwo if it counts as cars, in plural...

Wait what?

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One on my neck.

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I have some acne scarring on my face, but it isn't noticeable, thankfully. Considering how severe and cystic my acne was during my teenage years, I'm very lucky the scarring so mild. I also have some scars on my arms because I was dumb and burned myself multiple times back when I worked in fast food (many moons ago).

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Honestly, not yet