Do you care what people think of you?

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Posted by skywalker95 (5944 posts) 4 months, 18 days ago

Poll: Do you care what people think of you? (41 votes)

Yes 39%
No 61%
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All man are created equal.

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Evolutionarily speaking, Humans evolved to care what others think of them. If the group does not like you, you are left alone to starve/ fight off lions in the plains of Africa.

Me, I do care, albeit not very much.

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Honestly, people should care about what others think of them otherwise people might think that they might show small signs of psychopathy (lack of empathy or getting along with others).

What matters is who people choose to be in accordance to the people who significantly matter to them.

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Yes, of course.

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Only close ones

other than that nah

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Yes. People who say no are liars.

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Not so much.

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It depends who they are, if it's someone I care about then I obviously want them to think good of me.

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If I say yes, will you like me?

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Depends on a lot of things. Not just who it is but also what aspect of me we're talking about. So to give examples:

  • I'd care if anyone thought I was a paedophile or something terrible like that - Because some things you don't want anybody to think about you, no matter who they are or how well they know you.
  • I care what some people think about the way I look - In some cases, only the opinions of people closest to me really matter. So what some random person thinks about my weight or outfit isn't going to phase me, that sort of thing never really has. But if, say, my fiance thought I looked gross or someone close to me made fun of me in a mean spirited way, I would be pretty wounded about that.
  • I don't care what anyone thinks about my taste in music or sandwiches or whatever - When it comes to just opinions or preferences, I've never cared what anyone thinks. World would be pretty dull if we all thought the same, and I'm not gonna enjoy something less or change an opinion based solely on what someone else thinks of me for it. Wasn't put here to try and impress anyone, I'm just looking to enjoy life.

There are lots of examples I could give but I suppose what I'm trying to say is there's a lot of context to consider and I would struggle to give a yes or no answer because of that.

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I care about at a few people think. Like, 7. And all of them are family.

I suppose I should care about others opinions if I wish to have a career in writing but I just can’t bring myself to. I don’t expect much from people nowadays.

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With 1 or 2 exceptions No.

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I'd like to think i care less than most but i dont think its possible for the answer to truly be no. And ironically enough, I think the ones who are 'too cool' to admit it are the ones who care the most.

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Somewhat. I feel I have an image to maintain now.

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Depends who, not just random people.

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To an extent, if I'm trying to be friends with someone or if I'm going to see/be around them alot , I want to put my best self forward and not say or do something stupid( easier said then done) but, if it's some random people in a public place, then no,

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Of course we do. That's why peer pressure is a thing. We all care about what other people think of us whether we like to admit it or not. Should we care - that's a different question.

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I do to an extent. But really have a higher power that really needs to care what I think. Not the world. Can't please the world. As have to move on. As you mature and get older.

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People think of me?

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Everybody does.

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lol Hell no. Screw y'all.

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To the extent that I care about correcting a lack of understanding and misinformation that a person has about me, where someone has a negative perception of me; second only to correcting a misunderstanding about the Bible and Christianity. I'm a caring person who has the gifts of empathy and sympathy for people. But, that can include tough love quite often.

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No more.

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Most people do to some extent

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no lol

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Not usually but I do when I get one of those overthinking attacks. It's tiresome and usually leads to negative thoughts.

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I think it's slightly important to care about what others think. It's empathy. If you completely cared about nobody else's thoughts, then you'd probably be pretty selfish.

That being said I'd say I care too much about what others think, makes me stop doing things which I'd want to do.

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No, never cared about other people's opinions. I just did whatever I wanted to do, no need to seek validation. But there were times when I did wonder what people would think if I did something, but I'd catch myself because I've went so long not caring, why start now?

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I imagine I'd have a hard time staying married if I didn't care what my wife thought of me.

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Not really, I just be myself

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Everyone who voted no is lying or is already a lonely bum beyond saving

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