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Poll: Do the political/religious views of an actor or actress affect you viewing their films? (44 votes)

Yes 16%
No 84%

Title says it all. For me it does not.

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Nope. Even if it differs from mine it doesn't determine the quality of their work.

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Only if they hold a political view that's racist.

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Baring something really nutty no.

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Nah. I have issues with watching films by, say, Roman Polanski (and I wouldn't even have an issue with that if he had served time), but a political or religious view doesn't affect my enjoyment.

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No, it doesn't.

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It depends on what it is and how fervent they are in their beliefs. I won't watch anything with Tim Allen in it after finding out how much of an unapologetic racist he is.

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Doesn’t matter to me, unless they’re a commie.

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Well considering an overwhelming amount of people in Hollywood are liberal I would be shit out of luck enjoying movies if the views of these people affected my viewing.

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like it depends on the severity and like how vocal they are, for example

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this is BS, and honestly wont ever see a Fonda movie again.

but am i gonna stop seeing Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, or RDJ movies? no because they are usually intelligent with how they state their opinions and they do it politely.

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No. Unless they support ISIS...

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They can worship snakes for all I care I just want the movie to be good.

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Well actors are hypocrites like the Greek word entails. So they might play a completely different person in a movie than in real life.

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You'd have to be mentally impaired if it did.

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I don't like Tom Cruise but I think he is a fantastic actor.

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Poll results make me happy.

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so I am a huge hypocrite. I love tom Cruise (Captain Scientology) and I am stupid excited for the new Mission impossible. vise versa the actress elizabeth Moss, (I loved her as Peggy in Mad Men) is in that show the HandMaiden's tale which is about a religious cult... who is a scientologist... seems comical to me.

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Actually, it does.

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Nope. People are completely free to believe in what they believe.

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No, why would it?

Unless they believe something really nuts there is no reason to write off movies with these actors in it.

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No, I like actors and their films because of their acting. Couldn't care less about how good of people they are.

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Yes, after finding out that Chris Pratt is a batshit crazy Christian I simply cannot enjoy his performances as I once did. I know it's irrational as it doesn't influence his acting, but it's just annoying at the back of my mind.

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As long as it doesn't affect what they are working with to some extent, imo.

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Hollywood is anti-trump so I'd be in trouble

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Only if their beliefs and actions are really extreme.

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@doofasa said:

Only if their beliefs and actions are really extreme.

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Only in two situations:

  1. The beliefs are extreme/offensive, or presented in an extreme/offensive manner.
  2. The film directly relates to the thing that the actor/actress has the opinion on, because it could add context to the film and make it more interesting/relevant.
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Overall, no.

But I do kinda have this notion of an actor or actress standing on a scene of somekind and on one hand representing a certain character with certain beliefs and ideals, and then spout political stuff that's not befitting of that character. My prime example of this is Gal Gadot, loved her as Wonder Woman, but following her Twitter my personal perception of her got a hairline fracture when she tweeted out support for Israeli tank crews going into Gaza.

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Sure, they could have an effect on what they produce, but, it would have to be somewhat extreme. Example for me: Bill Maher; he made me a fan as a frequent commentator on CNN, back in the day, like 90s and early 2000s, but quickly eroded my enjoyment of him, after I viewed how obnoxious his atheistic views are; they're irrational or, literally, not rational; thus, he's probably a bit too far to the left; but, yes, initially a fan but, discovering his views toward Christianity, he literally changed my opinion of him (e.g. however, I still kind of like Lawrence Krauss because he's almost like a doppelganger for my physics professor in college; he seems to have all of those traits of a good teacher for me, as long as he just sticks with physics; he literally has like my standing love, but deflects it, every time he talks religion, particularly, Christianity, but it comes back once he stops; what would chance me about someone like that is if I meant them and I ended up walking away having felt insulted or dismissed by the person, in a certain way; except the memory of my physics professor is something that will always be a part of me, as he literally helped shaped me as a person; that's something that's very rare and very hard to accomplish, as not many people stick out in such a way for me; two others would be my high school algebra teacher and my chemistry professor; also, my second and third line supervisors at the FDA, as they shepherded me through my first years of the start of my career, even though we're the very definition of antagonists towards one another, currently, as they also conspired against me for an extended period of time to destroy my career on the other end of the spectrum; however, nothing can really override that genuine display of initial kindness that they showed me by going out of their way to help me personally when I needed it the most; it was quite literally the very first reaction that they had towards me; that's quite unique and special in a person and says a lot about who they really are as a person; I just hope that God works with their hearts and guide them through their bitterness, as they at least once had the ingredients there, rather they still do or not, if such hasn't since happened).

And, there are quite a few politicians on the right, as I consider them more declared Christians rather than actual Christians: if politics enter the picture, depending on how extreme, it could flip my preconceptions of that person on a dime; and this goes for Christians who are very weak in defending their Christian faith, when they're trying to cater to what they believe the political views of the masses represent; surprising, I believe there's like an African American self-professed reverend who's supportive of a certain very flamboyant politician who's in constant limelight who automatically had my preconceptions against him until I saw how he defended Christianity in the face of mass opposition on CNN a couple of months ago, where he didn't make himself sound like a crackpot; although I question his political position, being African American and all, my preconceptions are supportive of him; I'd just need to have a few talks with him to pinpoint him at a subconscious level to figure out why he's doing what he's doing (e.g. another example, Sarah Palin; although we clearly wouldn't agree politically, I do find her Christian faith genuine, even though she's politically misguided; I might be mistaken, but I don't think she's right winged, she just has her views of government).

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@amcu said:
@doofasa said:

Only if their beliefs and actions are really extreme.

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As a guy who strongly dislikes the left I'd pretty much never watch movies if I felt that way. Most big Hollywood names would probably call me human garbage.

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If the movie looks like something I want to waych, no. That's what I'm there for

Maybe in the extreme side it would.