Def Jam: Vendetta or Def Jam: Fight For New York?

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Posted by ColossalSam22 (2104 posts) 12 days, 4 hours ago

Poll: Def Jam: Vendetta or Def Jam: Fight For New York? (7 votes)

Def Jam: Vendetta 0%
Def Jam: Fight For New York 100%

Which game do you prefer?

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#1 Posted by InvadedTBD (2008 posts) - - Show Bio

I loved Vendetta, imo it's a classic wrestling game but I feel like Fight for NY was better from what I vaguely remember

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#2 Edited by Pharoh_Atem (44360 posts) - - Show Bio

Fight For New York handily.

Better plot, actual has character customization, and superior gameplay and graphics.

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#3 Posted by ninetoadclown (94 posts) - - Show Bio

Vendetta was an amazing game, tons of fun.

Now the sequel after it... what a total letdown.

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#4 Posted by IndomitableRegal (17349 posts) - - Show Bio

Never got to play the sequel.

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#5 Posted by Beyond_Dreams (157 posts) - - Show Bio

Def Jam FFNY is still one of my favorite fighting games out there. I wish they remaster it or make a new one for the ps4.

Def Jam icon was also pretty fun.

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#6 Posted by Yassassin (7798 posts) - - Show Bio

Jesus talk about a blast from the past.