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So... I came to think of being crazy... I mean I'm not sure if I infact am crazy, but it kind of seems logical to me that I am... I mean you are crazy if you hear some strange voices in your head, all agree? Good. But what if there were voices and now that they're gone, you could call it a "cure" (but I won't), you miss them so much that you demand of your brain to give them back to you? Does the simple wish to be crazy, actually make you crazy? Or does it take more? A voice, or two in your head... unrelated "blahblah" coming unwillingly out of your mouth while doing some blogpost (well point for "being crazy")... hunting Batman through the streets of Gotham wearing a bad-ass outfit...? Who decides what is crazy? Or is there anyone at all who does?

Well, reading what I just wrote, I think of an old motivational: "You can be whatever you want to be" and I want to be crazy (and have the awesome voices back) and that should then make me crazy! ... right?

Sincerly, some comicfan missing Wade Willson's inner voices.

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Strange voices in your head? Pretty crazy to me. I mean, you're not talking about speaking to yourself right? Because that's normal...at least for my standards xD

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You're not crazy. You're psychic.