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I see soooooo many titles that I want to start reading but I have this constant nagging in the back of my mind that I'm spending excessive amounts of money on comic books. What I classify as "excessive" should be calculable when I ramble on about what I titles I currently read --

Worlds Finest, Detective Comics, Batman, Batgirl, Supergirl, Nightwing, Red hood and the Outlaws, Flash, Superman.

I'm also 100% adding Katana to that list when it starts in February for a total of 10 titles.

However, not only do I get these I'm also currently getting all the 'Death of the Family' and 'H'El on Earth' tie-ins -- And so the costs escalates further.

Not only this but I also want to start reading the Justice League of America (Martian Manhunter back ups!!!) , Teen Titans, Jennifer Blood, Red Sonja (I could go on listing scantily clad dynamite heroines but I don't want to come across as perverted...=/ ) and the new Star Wars series -- Not to mention Scott Snyder's superman series that starts in the summer. How on earth am I to read all these when I'm living on student moneys?!

I suppose I shouldn't complain that my problem in life is there is too many good comic book titles out there that I'm spoilt for choice. If anyone has any solutions other than "Get a job" please enlighten me =]

PS - Please refrain from mentioning titles that are not mentioned above. This will likely lead to me adding the aforementioned title to my list of "I want it!, I want it!, I want it!, I want it!" titles. =P

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Unfortunately I can offer no solutions, or at least solutions you would appreciate,

I can offer understanding, I've been through the same problems decades ago,

Hope you find away to have both!

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Trade Waiting is probably your best bet. Or just cut down. I had to do that recently :/