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So I'm tip toeing a little bit here, because I don't want to bug anyone.

I've been composing a soundtrack to Neil Gaiman's Sandman graphic novels.

I've just finished Preludes and Nocturnes, it's 34 tracks, 73 minutes at roughly 10 minutes per issue.

I thought it may be of interest to all of you fine furry fops, either for music listening as you're working on your own comics, or for the intended experience of listening while reading the Sandman books (which is a little difficult for the obvious sync issues) or just as a neat aside. IE. "Some guy did that."

Anyway - here it be (it's all downloadable):


Any thoughts on the content, or anything you think I should consider going into The Dolls House are welcome too!

(I hope this isn't gaudy or out of place enough to be considered spam)

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Not spam or gaudy at all! It's freaking awesome.

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@ShadowsofBirds: Great job dude! This is pretty awesome.

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I do this myself. I have a playlist for my Comicbook reading time, and it grows over time.

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Thanks for the kind words! And for listening at all. :D

I've been putting them up per issue as they've been completed. Ideally The Dolls House will be at the rate of an issue per week, but I'm starting work on another project so it will probably be one every two weeks. But I'll update this thread when Vol.2 is completed. (which mathematically means.. four months? eek! An epic endeavor, this is.)

OH - and by "Composing" I mean, scoring, writing music to from scratch, putting notes together to form chords and melodies so as to reflect and/or enhance the emotional content of the books. As written it might have been taken as "Compiling". ;)