Choose between changing your gender OR changing your sexual orientation? READ OP BEFORE CHOOSING

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Posted by GodSaveMeNow (950 posts) 1 year, 7 months ago

Poll: Choose between changing your gender OR changing your sexual orientation? READ OP BEFORE CHOOSING (51 votes)

I am neither heterosexual (straight) nor homosexual (gay/lesbian) 16%
I would rather change my gender 57%
I would rather change my sexual orientation 27%

In this forced scenario, imagine a mad sorcerer forces you, a heterosexual/homosexual person to make a sadistic choice. He will magically transform you into one of the two following options:

1.) Your physical body is suddenly transformed into that of the opposite gender, with equivalent everything else including mind. E.g.: Meaning a fat handsome bespectacled lazy man who likes women becomes a fat pretty bespectacled lazy woman who likes women.

2.) Nothing of your physical body changes, but your mind is transformed/brainwashed specifically to prefer someone of a gender that is opposite of what you previously prefer in terms of sexual and romantic attraction. E.g.: A straight horny guy will suddenly become gay and horny.

Between these two choices that you are forced to pick, which one would you rather choose?

NOTE: If you are comfortable, do share your sexual orientation and what would your choice in this scenario be.

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#51 Posted by deactivated-5d63c25ba39af (8 posts) - - Show Bio

Changing gender sounds more comfortable. Changing sexual orientation is more convenient.

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#52 Posted by SpareHeadOne (7550 posts) - - Show Bio

I take a +7 saving throw and evade the spell. Then I cast wither on the sorcerer and destroy him. Then I make love to my sexy wife for the third time today

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#53 Posted by BatmanPlusJay (5176 posts) - - Show Bio
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#54 Posted by CCThor (2298 posts) - - Show Bio

I prefer gender change.

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#55 Posted by Alavanka (2750 posts) - - Show Bio

My physical gender.

Now make me an attack helicopter.

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#56 Posted by WolverineBatmanFTW (2261 posts) - - Show Bio

I'd rather be gay.

I do not wanna go through periods and pregnancy.

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#57 Posted by Supermanfan1938 (1125 posts) - - Show Bio

I'd rather be a girl, I'd get a lot more attention and adoration from people.

But these OT topics keeping getting wilder..

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#58 Posted by RikuYamaha (2017 posts) - - Show Bio

honestly i would have my gender swapped. simply because of the brand new experiences i would be subjected too as a different member of sex. say im a guy(which i am) and i transform into said girl,BOOM! brand new standards to be met and new not only physical,but mental challenges to be met with.

honestly,just changing your sexual intrest sounds super boring imo. being changed into your true genderswapped self sounds much more exciting and,if im lucky, i could change back.(with some pics of myself heh)

now a better question. if you have the boom boom with a clone of yourself that transformed into a different gender, would that be straight,gay,incest,or something else?

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#59 Posted by ArranVid (2860 posts) - - Show Bio

I don't fully understand how I'm supposed to vote in your poll my friend. Anyway firstly I'm a straight male. Secondly I wouldn't want to change my sexual orientation but I wouldn't mind changing my sex i.e. to become a female but I would want to be a lesbian.

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#60 Posted by OrangeVegeta (90 posts) - - Show Bio

I would probably pick a change in gender, because then I could just change my identity. Anything bad on my personal record won't matter anymore because I'm a different person. Or at least I can claim I'm a different person.

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#61 Posted by ourmanuel (13901 posts) - - Show Bio


The thought of taking dick isn’t that appealing to me

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#63 Posted by HSTgoddess (418 posts) - - Show Bio

I'd rather be bisexual. Way more fun.