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Poll: Chimp vs Gorilla (14 votes)

Chimps 0%
Gorilla 100%

Who would win in a fight to death?

Three 130lbs (58kg) Common Chimpanzees or a 346lbs (157kg) Western Gorilla?

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I wonder if chimps & gorillas ever square off irl.

Personally I think the gorilla will just use 2 of the chimps like rag dolls to bludgeon the 3rd.

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My guess is that the gorilla wins but sustains some pretty horrible bite wounds.

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Gorilla babyshakes.

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Jokes aside, it's hard to determine a winner among animal battles because unlike humans, most animals do not figth to the death, so taking into account character, is almost impossible to imagine how they would behave.

In a real life scenario, if the Chimps where deffending a baby chimp, they would most likely chase the gorilla away. In the same scenario, 3 chimps would probably be able to steal a baby gorilla from his mother, due to number and distraction, but considering both species's strenght and size, it would be easier for the gorilla to kill the chimps if he uses his stats in a humanly manner and goes for a quick kill (grab a chimp and bite or brake his neck, and then repeat), but this is something the gorilla would probably not do, using its own instinct, so... Taking this into account... Stalemate.

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Striking feats for the gorilla? All we ever see is lifting feats, but those aren't applicable in a fight only striking matters.

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A Gorilla would completely destroy a Chimpanzee.

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Could go either way.

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@frozen: There are 3 of them, dude.

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