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Who has better bars?

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In my honest opinion Tyler isn't really lyrical. Yes he does have some lines that are cool and what not but he just spews you know the most shocking thing he can. Well that was what he used to do back when he released "Bastard" now he sort of just a comedian in a way with the stuff he says. I mean WOLF was pretty damn good to me as far as production but the lyrics eh. Now Gambino I feel like he sort of is lackluster; but that's just me but in a way I do like alot of his lyrics. CAMP was a decent album. But with depth I feel like Tyler is better in that aspect.

I guess I'll go with Chidlish Gambino as far as lyricism but just in that category (Coming from an ex-odd future fanboy). I'm pretty vague with my examples and stuff but i'm just winging it bro lls.

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Tyler is complete trash

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Tyler is complete trash


Hopsin absolutely destroyed Tyler in ILL MIND OF HOPSIN 4 in a couple lines.

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Gambino, though I wasn't feeling royalty

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I like Gambino's one liners & flow but I think a lot of his lyrics are lacking sometimes. Camp was god-awful with the exception of "Bonfire". He seems to work better as a mixtape artist than when he attempts to tell a cohesive story with his LPs.

Tyler's more of a troll and he resorts to too many rap cliches (misogyny, violence, penis jokes) but the production on his tracks are always interesting and he just keeps getting better as a rapper. I liked Goblin a lot and thought that Wolf was even better.

(I'd easily put Earl above both if he can make Doris type albums from here on out).

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I could never get into Gambino. I'm a fan of the actor's work on Community, and he has good bars - but his flow and voice are just nauseating to me.

Tyler is slightly more tolerable because of his production, imo.

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gambino is better. i like his verses on f**ck that b***h

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Childish Gambino is better...He maybe a little corny(Part of his charm..lmao) but when hes really spitting he aint nothing to sneeze at.

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Gambino is too corny for my taste, and is production can be lack luster far too often.

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Tyler, though I'm hella biased. Jeez I'm wearing old skool vans with flooded black pants and a supreme beanie right now..

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Awaken, My Love solos Tyler whole discography

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I never have, and never will understand the hype behind Gambino.

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Tyler is a terrible rapper... sorry it's just plain and simple

Bambino has a natural and smooth flow and is a lyrical genius

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Gambino for me. I only like a couple of Tyler songs like DOMO 23 but Gambino has more hits, can sing (kinda) and rap. Ex. 3005, Bonfire, Freaks and Geeks.

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Marshall Lee

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Awaken, My Love solos Tyler whole discography

I think that's his best work he's put out, but that's not even a rap album, and the OP asks for the best bars lol. Gambino was smart, most rappers are infusing Jazz and soul into projects, but they essentially remain Rap Albums. Gambino said frack it and took it to the next level. It like calling something like Jenny Death/Ninjas on the moon a Rap album, at some point, it crosses the threshold lol

I never have, and never will understand the hype behind Gambino.

The emotional, non-stereotypical rapper has gotten increasingly popular in Hip Hop these days, but Drake's become too mainstream for alot people. He's obviously very talented and I do frack with him, but I find that I can get the fix of music he offers from guys like Chance (who he's worked with alot), Drake and Frank Ocean to name but a few examples. I will be the first to admit that Tyler is a bit rough round the edges and his discography isn't for everybody's taste, but I empathize with him alot more, so yes I will always have some bias when choosing him. Tyler is also a much more accomplished producer for the fact that he's produced for himself and a lot of people in a variety of projects.

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Gambino, I guess.

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Bino for sure

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Weirdly enough, I've never really liked Gambino's music...I think he's cool and he's fairly lyrical and conceptual...But, I'll go with Tyler. He had better songs, in mi opinion.


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stop being childish everybody knows the answer is gambino ;)

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Bino all day, his flow is crazy and his lyrics great

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PS, not a fan of Awaken my Love, not cause it's bad, but I didn't sign up for no funk, Gambino..