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Comicvine has been quite a home for me. I love it here but sometimes there are just things that are higher up in terms of priority. I'm not leaving for good. Just perhaps a few months or so. Some personal/family matters needs attention. I'll be back when you least want me to be back. Nyahahahaha! Some viners know exactly why I'll be leaving. It's not of a negative nature so don't worry. It's quite the opposite. I've been stating the reason for quite some time now. :D

So til next time guys. Stay cool, classy and geeky Comicvine.

This troll is signing off now... :D

Well maybe not right NOW now... I'll be signing off in a short while. I'll still be trolling some viners for a few hours before leaving. Nyahahahahahaha!

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Until you come back I shall be Nyahahahahaing the site for you! Nyehehehehe! I do hope all will be well my friend. Have a great holiday and remember, stay away from dancing kangaroos! Those are the worst.

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Noooooo not you tooo. We're dropping lies flys -_-

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Another OG viner gone, peace out dude.

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The hell why are people leaving?

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Well don't be a stranger and have a happy holiday, New Years, and whatever holidays happen before you return.

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Ssejllenrad wat ur doing?

Ssejllenrad! STAHP!

Please come back soon, bro D:

why is everyone leaving?!?

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Don't interact with you too often, but observe your intelligent and considered thoughts and opinions in threads now and then, and admire your ability to appreciate and project humor and open mindedness, take care and hope CV will be privileged with your return one day.

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good luck with whatever you've got going on...you're an awesome person and you got me into Gundam and it's overtaken my life...I should hate you lol

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@YourNeighborhoodComicGeek said:


People move on, and things change? o.o

I've been thinking of leaving to be honest. I doubt most people would mind though.

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See ya, man. Good luck with everything :)
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Good luck man. Take care and see you here soon again :)

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My anus will quiver at the thought of your abesnce... but then again I have another way of contacting you. :D

But since I know what happened and everything, good job buddy. And I shall say nothing more. hehe

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Hope everything goes well.I am glad you aren't leaving for good.

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So long for now.