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Now about the stories written by these authors, did you like H. P. Lovecrafts books more or is it Stephen Kings books that are much more interesting to read.

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Lovecraft is sooo much more interesting imo. Not that Stephen King isnt good. His stuff is just too hit or miss for me.

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King, Lovecraft in my opinion has too much hype and his stereotypes of non money owning white people do not hold up well at all lmao.

Plus I've got nostalgic feelings for IT, The Mist, Misery, and Christine. Meanwhile Lovecraft never stood out to me in my childhood because the only people who liked him as kids were weirdos.

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Pennywise has a boring true form

Cthulhu looks way more interesting.

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King. Just better reading.

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I think Lovecraft only beats King when it comes to the cosmic horror element. Outside of that, King is a much better writer than Lovecraft, as his prose, dialogue, characters, and plot are much more developed.

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H.P Lovecraft has made cool stories like The Shadow over Innsmouth, The Call of Cthulhu, and At the Mountains of Madness.