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Hello there, I've been searching the web for a long time to find out exactly what some people are already doing successfully, which is automatically and perfectly cropping printscreen screen captures to make a perfect back-up reproduction of a comic book to the exact comic page size (either a free book or one that is in my online collection). Doing this manually is a huge pain: each and every page of a book has to be print-screened, then manually cropped with a cropping tool down to an exact pixel size - and how to make the edges of the crop rectangle stick to the edges of the comic book page image perfectly, without cutting out a line of pixels in the image, or going over the image boundary and including white canvas space in the crop?

Someone suggested they had written batch scripts and using IrfanView, and it was working well ... I'm actually pretty much a batch script noob, but the alternative of manually cropping every single page of a comic book is a powerful motivator to learn. Can anyone help me at all with how that works? I imagine you can write some sort of script to tell IrfanView that, every time you take a screen capture (i.e. every time you turn a page of the comic), it should make 2 .jpg's out of what's being displayed on the screen (left page and right page), cropped out exactly to the pixel, and then dump and number the files sequentially to a folder? I'm guessing you then manually discard the empty/undesirable pages if any ... but what about double-page spreads that you wouldn't want to split into 2 images, but instead keep as 1? Thanks again for any help you can provide.