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Hans Zimmer with Man of Steel's OST reignited my love for instrumental scores, and it left me hungry for more, and well I must say, these are really fine years for soundtracks in general from my observation. Lots of goods in there and I wanted to ask what are some of your favorite soundtracks of this decade.

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Baby Driver

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Man of Steel and BvS are up there, definitely. I also love the TWS score honestly, it’s great workout music. And of course the TDKR score.

The Creed scores have been great too, and to an extent their accompanying OSTs.

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Blade Runner

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The Social Network

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The Social Network





Anything touched by Hans Zimmer including an array of animated movies.

There are a lot of good scores I cannot seem to remember any right now for some reason.

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My Hero Academia's soundtrack is pretty lit.

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Man of Steel.