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Poll: Best Heavyweight Boxer? (11 votes)

Muhammed Ali 91%
Lennox Lewis 0%
Mike Tyson 0%
Wladimir Klitschko 0%
Vitali Klitschko 0%
Joe Louis 0%
Larry Holmes 0%
Jack Dempsey 0%
George Foreman 0%
Joe Frazier 0%
Evander Holyfield 9%

Who had the best career, best fights etc?

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I don't think there's any comparing to Ali and his unique style, have to go with him.

Also this list needs more Rocky Marciano.

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Ali should not be here .... let me tell you why???

Ali said himself that is the very best and all other boxers you named there on your list ...all those boxers themself said & admitted that Ali is the greatest

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The Greatest

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Gene Tunney

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