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Posted by ColossalSam22 (1925 posts) 2 months, 11 days ago

Poll: Best Batman: Arkham Game? (26 votes)

Batman: Arkham Asylum 12%
Batman: Arkham City 50%
Batman: Arkham City Lockdown 0%
Batman: Arkham Origins 15%
Batman: Arkham Origins (mobile) 0%
Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate 0%
Batman: Arkham Knight 19%
Batman: Arkham Underworld 0%
Batman: Arkham VR 4%
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#1 Posted by Ready_4_Madness (15875 posts) - - Show Bio

City by far.

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#2 Posted by mrmonster (15147 posts) - - Show Bio

City. The one and only thing that I thought held back Knight was the lack of any good boss fights.

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#3 Posted by Veshark (10499 posts) - - Show Bio

Said it before and I'll say it again, I had the most fun with Arkham Knight and I think it's the best Batman game.

I honestly think City is retrospectively overrated. While I acknowledge the quantum leap in gameplay that it introduced, and it singlehandedly established the template for every Arkham game to come after, it's the game that I replay the least because I really don't enjoy the story. If they had just focused on the hook of a city-wide prison and Joker dying, I would have been fine. But the weird Protocol 10 subplot with Ra's and the underground Wonder City really detracts from the whole game, in my opinion. I will give City credit for having the best boss fight with Mr. Freeze and a memorable level with the Iceberg Lounge, though.

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#4 Posted by zaied (7221 posts) - - Show Bio

Arkham Knight by a wide margin. Combat and traversal were a huge leap over the previous games. On top of that, it took real advantage of its open world while still maintaining the strong interior game design that the series is known for; Stagg Airship and Panessa Studios were two great explorable hubs. Knight is just an excellent game all around and one of the best open world games ever made.

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#5 Posted by Michaelbn (2350 posts) - - Show Bio

Origins, city is vastly overrated, hell, Knight is better than City.

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#6 Posted by Dogzee (528 posts) - - Show Bio

Batmobile Simulator got votes? Worst game, and I find the lack of actual boss fights disturbing.

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#7 Posted by Jooosh1996 (2737 posts) - - Show Bio

City. Though I have the most love for the first one as it was an amazing game when it first got released.

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#9 Posted by GIliad_ (6651 posts) - - Show Bio

I played Knight the most and it’s the easiest one to go back too. For me it’s Arkham Knight

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Arkham Knight is my favourite in the franchise. It is better on a technical scale, gameplay was dialled to 11, and the storytelling, I thought, was just fantastic. The side missions and other content just made for great replay value, in my opinion.

That said, Batman Arkham Origins is definitely the most memorable of the franchise for its intense story and remarkable boss fights.

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