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So there's approximately 30 days until school starts back up and I haven't even touched any of my summer assignments. Crap.

Anything you lot have to say about summer ending? Any work that needs finished? You excited or bummed? C'mon!

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People get summer assignments? I've never got a summer assignment. What grade are you in?

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I graduated xD

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Ah to be in school again

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I start next Monday

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i started today but my assignment from summer is due a few weeks later.

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No assignments for me. I'm kind of bummed.

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I just graduated high school and proud of it. Thank God I won't have to put up with crap from some teach. SUCKS FOR YOU!!!(Joker Laugh commence) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA

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I haven't touched any of my summer assignments yet. I still have a 5-10 page essay to write and I think I have a book report due on a book I haven't selected yet. I have no clue when the first day is, though I know I have at least a month.

While I don't care for school (though I enjoy a few subjects), I'm glad it's almost here again. I get so bored during the summer.

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I start back up next Friday. It's going to be one intense year.

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Start on th 26th

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Anyone go back to school shopping?

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Can't wait to get back to school. Still have time to try and gt my license before school starts and still need to go to a county fair and stuff myself like there's no tomorrow.

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YOU CAN'T MAKE ME GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What? We're all thinking it.

Anyways I really didn't get a vacation because in football we have to be ''committed'' so we go ALL year practicing which sucks, sorta.

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Im already at school, last year of High School

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Senior slide, but not really.

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wawnt want want want

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LOL! Back to school...

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@silkyballfro94 said:

I just graduated high school and proud of it. Thank God I won't have to put up with crap from some teach. SUCKS FOR YOU!!!(Joker Laugh commence) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA

Take it back! TAKE IT BACK I SAY!!! You are not worthy to impersonate The Joker!

On a completely different note: DAMN IT I HATE SCHOOL.


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NOO! This thread is way too early, i don't want to be thinking about going back.....

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18 more days for me

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7 for me, I'm ready enough. Haven't done anything anyways..

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Oh summer assignments...I don't miss those at all. Makes me glad I'm in college.

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I'm going back to college for my senior year on the last Monday of August...and I'm dreading it. I should have graduated by now, but I took a semester off.

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Well I haven't touched my summer assignments either but I intend to do so but I can't seem to find time.

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School? Where we're going, we don't need school. :P

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Going back in like.. a week and half, although I can't remember what day. Don't feel too bummed about it. Feel less nervous about the upcoming year having received my results for my first proper exams. Definitely going to miss all of the spare time, however.

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I'm already back to school. First day of High School was yesterday.

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@yourneighborhoodcomicgeek: Is it as miserable as it's made out to be? I bet it's all the worse being the friendly comic geek of the neighborhood... XD

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What is a summer assignment? never had one (or heard of such a thing) before.

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High School's the easy part. College is a whole other animal.

I actually miss HS the more that I think about it :(

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19 days until I'm back at College.

Cannot wait, I miss all the people I don't normally get to see and I live in the middle of nowhere so summer is a bit of a drag for me.

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NOO! This thread is way too early, i don't want to be thinking about going back.....


Well, I will be back at school September 3rd. Have to do 30 hours of community service, write reports, and then write an entire essay. Frak! Have to get started on that.